Putin false prey to Deepfake Cyber Attack

A hacker group, potentially associated with the Ukrainian government, allegedly took control of radio and TV broadcasts, using them to transmit a falsified message attributed to Russian President Putin. The fabricated message claimed that the Kremlin planned to impose martial law along the Ukrainian borders, significantly reducing the civil liberties of the population. Coinciding with […]

Russia hacks US Political Party, and Biden elevates ransomware as National Security Priority

Russia is back in news and that too for hacking the Republican National Committee (RNC) last week. However, the good news is that there was not data steal in the incident and that was confirmed by the spokesperson of RNC. APT29 aka Cozy Bear, a hacking group funded by Kremlin is suspected to be behind […]

Joe Biden to discuss with Russia Putin on Cyber Attacks on the United States

White House has formally disclosed that Joe Biden will likely discuss cyber attacks that are taking place on the US National Infrastructure with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a conference to be held in Geneva later this month.   The development comes after the Biden administration asked for a report from DHS on the ransomware […]

UK to launch cyber attacks in retaliation for Russia Nerve Agent attack

The United Kingdom has given Moscow a time frame until midnight Tuesday to explain how a Russian backed nerve agent poisoned a former Russian spy and his daughter working for Britain Intelligence authorities. Britain Prime Minister Theresa May has also issued a warning to Vladimir Putin that if he and his government chose to remain […]

Russian Cyber Threat looms on future US Elections!

US Elections of 2016 were influenced by a Russian cyber army and this is now a fact from what Mr. Comey has disclosed to the world after he was fired by Donald Trump a few days ago. The probe which the past US President Barack Obama launched in December’16 also confirmed that a foreign nation […]

Russia fancy bear launches a cyber attack on IAAF!

International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has claimed that Russia’s Fancy Bear launched a cyber attack on its database in the third week of September last year. The attack is believed to have compromised Athletes Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) applications stored on IAAF servers and the governing body has disclosed that details related to medical […]

Putin denies US Election 2016 hack and said CIA can mask its own Cyber Attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin denied claims that his nation interfered in US Elections 2016 and added that CIA has the potential to mask its own cyber attacks and frame nations like China, Russia, and North Korea for doing so. Putin added that the claims of interference were purely fictional, illusory and provocative lies framed by […]

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