Joe Biden to discuss with Russia Putin on Cyber Attacks on the United States


White House has formally disclosed that Joe Biden will likely discuss cyber attacks that are taking place on the US National Infrastructure with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a conference to be held in Geneva later this month.


The development comes after the Biden administration asked for a report from DHS on the ransomware attack that took place on JBS Meat Producer last week that could have led to protein deficiency in Australia, Canada, and North America as the said company happens to be the world’s largest supplier of Chicken, Beef, and Pork.


In what is known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the file-encrypting malware attack that took place on JBS has made the company shut down more than 9 of its beef processing units in the United States and is only in a position to restore them by Wednesday next week.


In his reply during a brief press conference, Biden stated that his government will look into the issue of attacks on the national infrastructure as well as the US companies pretty soon and is planning to trigger a discussion with Putin at the Geneva Summit.


Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary for the white house stated that Russia was indulging in tactics that were duly testing the patience of the honorable president and added that an internal policy review process is in place to plan the future course of action.


Last month, there was a seriously sophisticated cyber-attack on fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline that paralyzed fuel supply operations across the East Coast of the United States, triggering fears that the cut down in gas supply might increase the rates of the gasoline by 30% due to a drop-down in supply against the demand.


Note 1- DarkSide Ransomware group that was being funded by Russia was suspected to be behind the Colonial Pipeline hack. FBI stated in its media update that it found no evidence pointing fingers that the cyber attack was launched by the funding of Russian Intelligence.


Note 2- SolarWinds Hack that was discovered in November 2020 by Cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc stated that the attack on the software supplier could be the work of Russian Intelligence and the hackers might have siphoned data related to more than 150 companies operating in the United States. Microsoft endorsed the finding as true in May 2021.

Naveen Goud
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