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Biden signs a new Cyber Security Memorandum for National Security

Joe Biden, the President of United States, has signed a new pact meant to protect national security systems from external country cyber invasions. Thus, the National Security Memorandum (NSM) will from now on make it mandatory for the critical infrastructure to implement network security measures in align with the Federal Civilian Networks. To those uninitiated, […]

Joe Biden to unite 30 countries against Ransomware Cyber Threats

US President Joe Biden’s administration has plans to unite over 30 nations to launch a collective fight against ransomware threats and other cyber crime. The meeting is said to take place only by the end of this month and will be hosted by the White House’s National Security Council on a virtual note. Highly placed […]

Joe Biden to meet US Tech companies CEOs to protect National Infrastructure against Cyber Attacks

US President Joe Biden has invited a group of CEOs of tech companies on Wednesday to discuss issues related to cyber attacks on the national infrastructure. According to an update released by White House, the meeting is likely scheduled in the afternoon hours of August 25th,2021 and will be held behind closed doors. A source […]

Joe Biden says cyber attacks could easily trigger a shooting war

US President Joe Biden felt that pretty soon a shooting war can erupt between nations and the reason behind it could be a cyber attack. Mr. Biden expressed his mind after a series of sophisticated attacks on SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, JBS meat and Kaseya software. Some nations (Russia and China) were trying to intimidate United […]

White House to do crypto tracking and offer $10 million reward to nab ransomware spreading criminals

White House, under the leadership of US President Joe Biden, has issued a new set of guidelines for public and private entities that are dealing with ransomware. From now on, all ransomware payments will be tracked down by the cyber task force that will be led by some former military veterans and Chief’s of technology […]

Biden cancels $10billion cloud-computing contract awarded to Microsoft. 

Microsoft has lost a $10 billion worth cloud computing contract awarded to it by the Donald Trump government a couple of years ago. And the Biden Administration issued orders related to the cancellation at the end of last week, thus ending the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract issued to the Satya Nadella led a […]

Russia to send Ransomware spreading criminals to the USA

Russia is ready to extradite ransomware spreading criminals to the United States of America, but only if the same reaction is assured by Biden-led Nation. Speaking to a reporter of State TV ahead of the Geneva Summit to be held on June 14th,2021, Vladimir Putin hinted that his nation plans to restore personal contacts under […]

Joe Biden to discuss with Russia Putin on Cyber Attacks on the United States

White House has formally disclosed that Joe Biden will likely discuss cyber attacks that are taking place on the US National Infrastructure with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a conference to be held in Geneva later this month.   The development comes after the Biden administration asked for a report from DHS on the ransomware […]

Joe Biden signs executive order to bolster supply chain security with Cyber Threat sharing

Joe Biden who succeeded in his first presidential task of vaccinating almost the entire populace of the United States against Corona Virus has signed an executive order on Wednesday that bolsters supply chain security with cyber threat sharing. The order comes as a Pavlovian response from the US President in response to the DarkSide ransomware […]

Biden to launch cyber attack task force against adversaries

US President Joe Biden seems to have taken the SolarWinds cyber hack and the digital attack on Microsoft Exchange Server seriously, as the white house has hinted that the 47th president will be soon launching a task force to thwart cyber attacks from Adversaries. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have confirmed the news […]

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