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Russian TV hacked on Victory Day Military Parade

An army of hackers in sympathy with Ukrainian civilians hacked the Russian TV and posted a message saying ‘ No to War’. The hack came in the early hours of Monday when most Television Channels were preparing to air the celebrations for the annual Victory Day Military Parade held at Red Square by Vladimir Putin. […]

Russia to test ‘sovereign internet’ to curb foreign Cyber Threats

Russia is all set to test its sovereign internet infrastructure which it claims will help if foreign nations launch cyber attacks on its global internet connectivity. However, Free-speech activists fear that Vladimir Putin led the nation is looking to gain more control over user activity with the latest bill.   According to the sources reporting […]

Russia wants all Smartphone and Computers loaded with Espionage Software

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has issued an executive order that all smartphones and computers sold in the region from now on will have to come with preinstalled software that is likely to be in lines of Espionage software.   The legislation is said to take effect in July 2020 and will be aimed at promoting […]

More evidence on Russian Cyber Attack on US 2018 Midterm Elections

US Military announced yesterday that it shut down an Internet Research Agency (IRA) located in Russian port city of St. Petersburg on November 6th last year- just before the 2018 Midterm elections. IRA is believed to be working secretly for Russian Intelligence and was established to spread disinformation such as fake news in the United […]

Russia to take control of Google Search Engine results

Google has finally decided to the bow down to the demands of the Russian government after it received a penalty of $7,500 from the regulatory authority for refusing to comply with the laws regarding data security and control of search engine results. The news is out that from now on Google will not list the […]

Russia alleges Cyber Attack on its Presidential Elections from West

Russia, the country led by President Vladimir Putin has alleged that two nations from the west have launched cyber attacks on its Presidential Elections in March 2018 to influence the election results. In what seems to be direct blame on the United States and Dan Coats, the UK intelligence officer, Nikolai Murashov, the deputy director […]

Cyber Attack on all Top Politicians of Germany

In what appears to be one of the worst data breaches in the history of Germany, many German politicians, Journalist, and celebrities were targeted by a cyber attack early this week- which the German intelligence claims to be the act of its adversaries. The leaked data includes mobile numbers, email addresses, physical address and bills […]

Russia launched cyber attacks on Foreign Defense Bodies says Latvia

Latvia, a country in the European Union has openly confessed that Russia has carried out cyberattacks on its Foreign and Defense apparatus and other state institutions. The statement was given by Latvian Intelligence Agency yesterday and added that Russia’s Military intelligence was consistently trying to access the nation’s info by e-mail phishing attacks against the […]

FBI Investigates cyber incident on ‘Pro-Russian’ Candidate in Trump Administration

Well, the news is out that a Cyber Attack took place on a democratic rival of Rep.Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA), who is one of the few Pro-Russian candidates in Trump Administration. News source Rolling Stone reports that the attack took place on Dr. Hans Keirstead, who fell short of just 125 votes in the election of California […]

NSA creates a cyber task force to fight Russian Cyber Attacks

At last, United States has decided to retort to cyber threats of Russia with a Cyber Taskforce which not only has the efficiency to thwarts the targeted cyber attacks but will also have the potential to launch similar attacks of high range against the adversaries. As per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, NSA and […]

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