Russia launched cyber attacks on Foreign Defense Bodies says Latvia


Latvia, a country in the European Union has openly confessed that Russia has carried out cyberattacks on its Foreign and Defense apparatus and other state institutions. The statement was given by Latvian Intelligence Agency yesterday and added that Russia’s Military intelligence was consistently trying to access the nation’s info by e-mail phishing attacks against the government computer systems.

Latvia’s Constitution Protection Bureau (LCPB) said that GRU has been conducting espionage on its government servers for years, but has intensified the campaign in recent times in order to target the recent parliamentary elections.

However, the LCPB admitted that the last weekend’s parliamentary elections weren’t affected/influenced by the cyber attacks- despite the fact that a Pro-Russian party has won the elections.

From the past three weeks, many countries in the west like UK and US have been found accusing Russia of launching global hacking campaigns, targeting anti-doping sports bodies to energy companies running on nuclear power and chemical weapons watchdog.

Experts say that Harmony’s win in Latvian elections could influence UK’s Brexit to a certain extent as Latvia happens to be a strong ally against Vladimir Putin’s nation negatively impacting Britain’s exit from European Union.

Russia reacted to the claims by asking for evidence to prove the point. However, Latvia’s intelligence agencies say that they have enough evidence to prove their claims and will submit it when the right time strikes.

Naveen Goud
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