Brexit erupts new data privacy fears among Facebook and Google users

Facebook and Google are apparently planning to move their user data from UK to United States (their California headquarters) after Brexit, as it makes it easy for the US law enforcement to spy on the generated data to find anything suspicious. But the new move is said to help American intelligence agencies to spy on […]

Russian hackers using Brexit to deliver Malware

Hackers funded by the government of Russia are said to be using the current UK’s political situation in their favor to deliver malware to the populace of Britain. It is believed that the malware campaign has so far targeted several government organizations- for now only those related to ministries of foreign affairs, political think tank, […]

Russia and Iran send 10 million tweets to disrupt Brexit Vote

As the whole of Britain was busy yesterday with the discussion of leaving European Union on March 29th, 2019, social media giant Twitter says that trolls from Russia and Iran were found super active on its platform by spreading disinformation and discord in the West with over 10 million tweets. The messaging app said that […]

Russia launched cyber attacks on Foreign Defense Bodies says Latvia

Latvia, a country in the European Union has openly confessed that Russia has carried out cyberattacks on its Foreign and Defense apparatus and other state institutions. The statement was given by Latvian Intelligence Agency yesterday and added that Russia’s Military intelligence was consistently trying to access the nation’s info by e-mail phishing attacks against the […]

UK plans to blackout Russia via Cyber Attack

Britain is reportedly planning to blackout Russia if the latter tends to execute its plan of launching a missile attack at the UK’s military base which is said to be ill-equipped to respond to such attacks as of now. The exercise to blackout Moscow is said to be the biggest war game of this decade […]

US Merger and Acquisition market reaches $60 billion mark in September

United States Merger and Acquisition market have witnessed a flurry of activity in September this year with the deals reaching the mark of $60 billion. Experts suggest that out of all only 4 major deals have captured the interest of the industry to date. And Comcast winning the bid of UK Company Sky stands tall […]

Facebook data privacy concerns deteriorate with Brexit Campaign Exposure

Cambridge Analytica is said to have used the data of over 50 million Facebook users to help US President Donald Trump win the US 2016 Polls. Now, the latest is that the company is said to have helped the official campaign backing Britain’s exit from the European Union by having access to data collected inappropriately […]

Britain is extremely vulnerable to Category One Cyber Attacks!

UK’s Intelligence Chief Ciaran Martin has expressed his concern over his country’s exposure to ‘Category One’ (C1) cyber attacks which could disrupt critical infrastructures such as power grids and those serving banking sector. In an interview to ‘The Guardian’ the Chief Executive Officer of the Country’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) said “ I think […]

Britain and France call for Digital Cyber Threat Alliance despite Brexit differences!

Britain and France have put all their Brexit differences aside to form a digital alliance to bolster their respective digital defenses. Representatives from both countries who joined the one day conference on Cybersecurity at the UK’s embassy in Paris today said that the event has allowed them to explore opportunities for Franco-British commercial, academic, and […]

Theresa May could use Cyber Warfare to retaliate North Korea missile attacks on Japan

Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May has issued a stern warning to North Korea in retaliation for latter’s missile attacks on Japan. The ex-minister who is now touring Japan issued a media briefing a few hours ago in which she reacted sharply to the escalating crisis of Pyongyang’s latest missile launch. While leaving the conference […]

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