Brexit erupts new data privacy fears among Facebook and Google users

Facebook and Google are apparently planning to move their user data from UK to United States (their California headquarters) after Brexit, as it makes it easy for the US law enforcement to spy on the generated data to find anything suspicious.

But the new move is said to help American intelligence agencies to spy on the UK populace with full freedom-raising doubts on how safe will their data be on foreign soil.

Tory MP Damian Collins confirmed the news and added that it will be hard for the UK’s data watchdogs to monitor the activities of US Intelligence when the user data is being processed.

After the latest GDPR rules kicked in in May 2018, we have many instances when the European Union’s Digital policies proved far rigorous than those prevailing in the Joe Biden led nation i.e. United States.

So, did Mark Zuckerberg led company make a note of the latest—most probably yes!

As it has already asked its legal teams to work out on the pros and cons of moving data from UK to North America (after Brexit) and is hoping to make a perfect choice after the legal team submits a report.

Google is said to have taken the same decision in February this year and reportedly asked the internet juggernauts US legal team to take control of the data of UK users.

Brexit- Brexit(Britain’s-Exit) is the legal withdrawal of United Kingdom from the European Union after a unity of 47 years. Currently, the withdrawal is in the transition period that ends on December 31st, 2020. However, there is a high probability that an extension of one year might be enforced because of the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic crisis.

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