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Data Privacy alert as advertisements are following you across the web

Are you seeing the same advertisement on all the websites that you are surfing? Then probably you are one among those millions who are being targeted by digital marketing firms who buy data from tech giants such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. Nowadays, as soon as you search for a product online, the web […]

Now jail for tech bosses in UK over Data Security concerns

Till date, the Online Safety Bill of UK did not hold any tech company bosses for failing to protect their user data. But now, the legislation is about to be amended in such a way that it is going to turn punitive and will propose a jail term for tech bosses who fail to comply […]

Australia passes new data privacy bill for criminals

Australian government has passed a new bill that allows the law enforcement agencies to spy on criminals and if necessary suspend or take over their online accounts on a permanent note. Titled the Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identity and Disrupt) bill, it will allow the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission to get […]

Amazon penalized 746m Euros over Data Security in UK

Amazon, the American retail giant, has been slapped with a penalty of 746 million Euros($849 USD) for using its consumer data for ad targeting without permission of the populace of Luxembourg—a small European country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. Highly placed sources say that the Luxembourg’s National Commission for Data Protection(CNPD) pronounced the fine […]

Data Privacy threat to Americans from Biden government

In continuation to what NSA is doing, the 100-day-old Biden Government has plans to monitor the online and digital communication activity of American citizens. As per the report on CNN, this public surveillance program will be carried out by Department of Homeland Security and will be done by collaborating with private companies, mainly those belonging […]

French company sues Apple Inc over Data Privacy

We all know that Apple offers devices that are extremely reliable when it comes to the function of keeping the user data safe from snooping eyes and governments. But on contrary to what is being assumed, a French startup has sued Apple Inc for sharing user data with its affiliate companies with no permission or […]

Virginia files data protection laws in align with UK GDPR

Virginia has become the second state in United States to formulate a data protection act that will be in lines with UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, the act will come into effect the 1st of January 2023 and until then will be available for access, discussions, and edits through proper channel. Dubbed as […]

Data Privacy concerns erupt with Robotic Vacuums

Robotic Vacuums simplify the lives of the users by keeping the house clean. But to all those who are using such devices to keep their homes neat and clean, you better know a fact that such robots when connected to internet can be intercepted by hackers who can then snoop into your homes by hacking […]

Brexit erupts new data privacy fears among Facebook and Google users

Facebook and Google are apparently planning to move their user data from UK to United States (their California headquarters) after Brexit, as it makes it easy for the US law enforcement to spy on the generated data to find anything suspicious. But the new move is said to help American intelligence agencies to spy on […]

Apple plans new data privacy guidelines to app developers

Coming year, that is from the year 2021, all new app developers need to share the information with Apple Inc on how their application stores data and shares it with third parties. This includes data such as analytical tools, data being shared with ad networks and 3rd party SDKs or other external firms. From this […]

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