Data Privacy concerns erupt with Robotic Vacuums


Robotic Vacuums simplify the lives of the users by keeping the house clean. But to all those who are using such devices to keep their homes neat and clean, you better know a fact that such robots when connected to internet can be intercepted by hackers who can then snoop into your homes by hacking the device cameras.

Consumer Reports(CR) Digital Lab Initiative has tested such devices and has offered its consumers a report on how well are the companies manufacturing such devices are dealing with their user privacy.

Security report submitted by CR Digital Lab says that they have carried out their research based on few metrics such as automatic software updates, email notification when the user logs into the device from a unique IP address, 2-factor authentication and others.

And the good news is that iRobot, a Wi-Fi connected Robotic Vacs, has won an excellent rating for data security from CR. The company ensures that its consumer privacy remains well protected as it issues regular security updates from time to time.

Ecovacs, Samsung RoboVac and Shark have earned good rating for data security. But the companies never reveal how their user privacy remains intact from being snooped by their own employees.

Coming to password security, all the companies like iRobots, Ecovacs, Samsung RoboVac and Shark have won an excellent rating as they offer a digital standard of allowing its users to frame only 8 character passwords that involve alpha-numeric characters along with special ones.

Note 1- CR has specifically mentioned in their report that Eufy Robotic Vacuums are worst when comes to revealing the facts on how they protect the privacy of their automated vacuum users or other connected devices. But the report doesn’t say to never buy such goods. But is urging the OEM to bring transparency on how it protects the data collected from its users of its connected devices.

Note 2- After going through the article, you might get a feeling that it’s better to go for a Robotic Vacuum device that doesn’t connect to the internet. But the fact is that you won’t be getting the fancy cleaning reports that others with the tech do.

Naveen Goud
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