Malware steals Facebook account details from 300,000 devices

New malware is on the prowl and is seen spreading malicious software in disguise of applications meant for teaching, reading, and other education-related activities. In particular, the apps targeted users from Vietnam and infected about 300,000 devices in over 71 countries just to steal Facebook(FB) credentials. ZIMPERIUM is the firm that conducted the study and […]

Facebook Ad Campaigns hit by Malware

In February this year, Check Point researchers revealed that a new malware named ‘Ducktail’ was behind the Facebook (FB) employees who were taking care of ad campaigns and their motive was to take hold of the direct payments made to them by customers or to hijack the ad campaigns to place their advertisements. Now, a […]

Facebook Meta neutralized China and Russian bot attacks on US Elections

Meta, the parent company of Facebook has disclosed that it has disabled thousands of fake social media accounts that derailed and influence the US Elections by taking sides on ‘Hot Button’ issues such as threat to National Security, high school classes on gun usage and violence, Gay and Abortion bills. The issue was triggered when […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

1.) The government of Britain has announced that it is going to sue United States-based Facial Recognition for Clearview AI Inc. for £7.5 million, as it was indulging in fraudulent activities to get user information without their prior consent. UK’s ICO has announced an investigation on this note and revealed that Clearview got and used […]

Meta faces $19m fine over Data Breach

Facebook parent company Meta has been slapped with a fine of €17 million or $19m by the Irish data watchdog. And the reason for the penalty issuance is that the company failed to maintain certain security standards while protecting the information of EU public. As Meta failed to comply with the latest GDPR rules of […]

Texas to sue Meta for data privacy violation over Facial Recognition

Texas city is all set to sue Meta, the parent company of Facebook(FB) and is thinking of seeking billions of dollars from it as penalty. A lawsuit filed on Monday by the legal representatives of the state claims that the social media giant is misusing its user data for a Facial Recognition(FR) project that clearly […]

Data sharing clause in GDPR may force Meta to shut down Facebook

European online users, you better be aware of the fact that any business found not operating as per the guidelines prescribed in GDPR could face a serious action of an operational ban in entire Europe. Therefore, as Facebook’s parent company Meta is facing difficulty in processing data on US servers, it is urging the nation […]

Facebook owner Meta builds the world’s powerful AI Supercomputer

Meta, that now owns Facebook, has proudly announced that the world’s powerful AI supercomputer build by it is ready to go to the operational phase as its testing phase is about to complete in the next few weeks. The technology giant of America has named its newly developed AI Supercomputer as AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) […]

France slaps €210m fine on Facebook and Google

In a case related to cookie tracking of online users, France’s Data Privacy Watchdog slapped a hefty penalty of €210m for stopping companies from snooping on online users. The Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL) said that penalty was split between two companies, with Google being slapped with €150m for making it difficult […]

Data mining of Facebook and Twitter posts by China

China is reportedly mining data from users of Facebook and Twitter and the plan is to feed its military with all useful information sieved from the tonnes of data using different AI based machine learning tools. Currently, the focus is majorly on America and UK and will slowly be shifted to Indian users if all […]

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