Data leak forces Indian Facebook users ask for enhanced account privacy

Early this month, social media giant Facebook (FB) was in news for failing to protect the data of its 533 million users from over 106 countries. Reacting to this data privacy development, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, shortly known as CERT, has asked the Mark Zuckerberg’s led company to issue an update on what the […]

A Cyber Attack probability on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp cannot be ruled out

From the past few hours social networking platform Facebook and its messaging sharing subsidiary WhatsApp and Instagram were down because of some unknown reasons. The disruption was felt mainly by users in North and South America; some parts of UK and Africa. And the outage existed even till the time this article was in writing. […]

Facebook patches 2 severe vulnerabilities for WordPress Plugin

Facebook, the world’s number 1 social networking platform, has offered patches to two severe vulnerabilities related to WordPress Plugins, thus inducing faith into its users that it gives due respect to the privacy and security of its respective customers. Known as Official Facebook Pixel, the plugin was aimed to keep a track of user actions […]

WhatsApp users switching to Telegram due to new Data Privacy Rules

Facebook, the Mark Zuckerberg led company has clarified that from the coming month of February 2021, the users of FB business unit WhatsApp should accept the truth that all of their data generated on the messaging app will be shared with other business subsidiaries of the social networking giant. The change in privacy policies is […]

Facebook takes data sharing pledge from WhatsApp Users

To all the two billion users who are active on WhatsApp, here’s a news piece that might grab your attention. On February 8th,2021, the American freeware will roll out a security update to all its users living in different countries- excluding Europe that they need to accept the fact that their data will be shared […]

Facebook to focus more on Mobile Security in 2021

Facebook(FB) is all set to offer more security options to its users from 2021 to safeguard their accounts from any kind of digital invasions. So, from next year, the company will offer Facebook Protect that will offer a 2FA and a real time monitoring to all its users to safeguard them against all potential threats. […]

Brexit erupts new data privacy fears among Facebook and Google users

Facebook and Google are apparently planning to move their user data from UK to United States (their California headquarters) after Brexit, as it makes it easy for the US law enforcement to spy on the generated data to find anything suspicious. But the new move is said to help American intelligence agencies to spy on […]

No English translation needed for the Facebook AI model

Technology giant Facebook has announced the world’s first Artificial Intelligence-based translator that will not need English at all to translate over 100 different languages. For instance, if we need to translate Russian to English language and vice versa, training data that is available in the English language is needed for the translation server to respond […]

Facebook planning to pay users for deactivating accounts before 2020 US Elections

To curb the spread of misinformation and also to know how social media will impact the democracy during elections, Facebook has urged its users to deactivate their accounts for 1-6 weeks for which it is ready to pay anything between $10- $20 on a weekly basis. The deactivation is been targeted during the 2020 US […]

Apple iOS 14 restricts Facebook from targeting personalized ads

Apple seems to have taken data privacy a lot more serious in its upcoming version of iOS 14 as Facebook argues that the privacy features in its new OS will prevent it from tracking the user’s online activities and targeting them with relevant ads. The World’s leading social media giant claims that its ad revenue […]

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