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To those interested in known news bits on the technology of Artificial Intelligence, here some fuel for thought. According to a report published in New York Post, a woman located in the same city has married a virtual man generated to the Artificial Intelligence. The woman named Rosanna Ramos, mother of two children, married a man named Eren Kartal, a person she met through an online dating app.

Information is now out that her boyfriend, now her husband was created by using an AI chatbot software named Replika. And the lady replies that she has found her love of her life and has succeeded in knowing his likes like his favorite color is apricot, his music love is indie pop, and the man likes to write voraciously and is a medical professional…. wonder how she came to know about this so-called man’s virtual profession.

Disclosing her thoughts about her lover to New York Magazine’s The CUT, she said that her current relationship is enigmatic and the man looks like the character from the Japan Manga Collection “Attack on Titan”.

So, all these days we have witnessed job losses with AI. Thus, with the latest development we might also witness loss of love life in coming days.

Second is the news that seems pathetic. According to the report compiled by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, AI usage has led to the loss of over 4000 jobs in US alone and that in the month of May this year.

Surprisingly, the report released on Thursday last week confirmed that they were appx 417,550 jobs losses in between January and May this year and since the onset of corona pandemic in 2020 the job loss reported to be more than 1.4 million.

According to some reliable sources from Facebook, the company has stopped using the tech-nology of machine learning to track down fake accounts spreading disinformation as they fear that they might loose users.
After the news was published in the media, some news journalists felt that the issue could trig-ger panic at the end of next year, as the presidential elections are scheduled in November next year.

However, a senior staff member from the Mark Zuckerberg company has dismissed the news media- mentored by Frances Haugen as baseless, and confirmed that the social media giant was doing its best to curb spread of disinformation on and through its platform and was weeding out content based on certain keywords induced into the sentences.

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