Job loss

AI news trending on Google

To those interested in known news bits on the technology of Artificial Intelligence, here some fuel for thought. According to a report published in New York Post, a woman located in the same city has married a virtual man generated to the Artificial Intelligence. The woman named Rosanna Ramos, mother of two children, married a […]

Microsoft to train 25 million people for COVID 19 Pandemic after jobs

To all those who have lost their jobs due to the Corona Virus initiated lockdown imposed by governments across the world, here’s a news piece to rejoice.    American technology giant Microsoft led by Satya Nadella is all set to train nearly 25 million job losers with new skills by the end of 2020- all […]

Kaspersky survey confirms 31 percent cyber attacks lead to job losses

A survey conducted by Kaspersky in association with B2B International says that 31% of last year’s data breaches have led to job losses. And out of those who lost jobs, 29% of them belonging to SMEs and 29% of them belonging to large companies were not related to the IT field. All these days, many […]

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