FBI Investigates cyber incident on ‘Pro-Russian’ Candidate in Trump Administration


Well, the news is out that a Cyber Attack took place on a democratic rival of Rep.Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA), who is one of the few Pro-Russian candidates in Trump Administration. News source Rolling Stone reports that the attack took place on Dr. Hans Keirstead, who fell short of just 125 votes in the election of California in June last year.

The incident is said to have been launched in the form of spear-phishing attempt where hackers try to impersonate in a deceitful way to make the victim hand over his/her credentials.

Remember, the same method was used against John Podesta in early 2016 which led to the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the US 2016 Elections, eventually favoring Donald Trump.

FBI discovered in its investigation so far that the attacks were true in nature and became sophisticated in December 2017 when the hackers tried brute force attacks on the election campaign of Keirstead with a different username and password combinations hitting more than 130,000 times in the said month.

Then in January this year, the Twitter page of the election campaign was impacted after which the website of the said candidate’s company was also briefly attacked early this year.

Kyle Quinn, the former Congress election campaign manager of Keirstead reported to Rolling Stone that the attacks could intensify in the mid-term elections to be held in November 2018.

Note- Rohrabacher is now being challenged by Democrat Harley Rouda, endorsed by Mr. Keirstead.

In the past few months, a lot has been said against the 45th US President by the media. Some media resources went to an extent to state that Putin influenced the US 2016 polls to favor Trump as he wanted one of his patrons to lead the chair of the white house.

The allegations were cemented when Facebook- Cambridge Analytica scandal came into light stating that the political data gathered by the analytics firm of UK was used to influence US populace to vote for Trump instead of Mrs. Clinton.

After Mark Zuckerberg added that the activity which took place in the disguise of an App survey was true in May this year, a certain section of the media, populace, and some of the members of the white house screeched to carry out a detailed investigation on this note.

However, US President Donald Trump reacted to the media speculations as stories planted by some Yellow Journalists against its administration and the investigation was vindicated as a political witch hunt.

Russian President Vladimir Putin quashed off the rumors by saying “Show me the evidence”.

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