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Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram not down due to Cyber Attack outage

Though the world’s leading social media giant Facebook claims that it has recovered from an eight-hour outage, many people across the world are using Twitter to vent out their anger on the issues still being faced with Instagram and WhatsApp- which are now Facebook’s business subsidiaries. A group of users on Twitter and Reddit have […]

Facebook rejects a new data security policy of Germany

Germany on Thursday announced that it will impose new restrictions on ways Facebook collects data from users prevailing in the region. But within few hours of this announcement, the world leading social media giant said that it is going to reject the data protection policy of Germany and will appeal to the court by the […]

Facebook Research App data scandal

Facebook which is trying hard to shrug off its presence from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal is reportedly caught up in the latest which is about a paid ‘Research App’. From the past three years i.e. from 2016, the Mark Zuckerberg Company has been testing an app meant for teens and young adults (aged 13 […]

Facebook to face $22.5 million penalties for data privacy violations

Mark Zuckerberg’s company Facebook is on the verge of facing a penalty of $22.5 million by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). And if this penalty turns into a reality, this could be the biggest fine ever imposed on any company in the history of North America. FTC is now not in a position to […]

Facebook shares user data with Google, Apple, and Microsoft without consent

Facebook(FB), well known as the world’s number one social networking website has been marred by controversies in this whole year. And the latest happens to be a media report from New York Times (NYT) which says that the Mark Zuckerberg led company has been sharing its user data with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple Inc and […]

Facebook bug exposes 7 million FB User photos to hackers

Facebook, the world’s number one social media platform has disclosed in this weekend that a bug in one of its photo databases has exposed 7 million photos of FB users to the outside world-possible to hackers. Thus, with the latest data exposure, Facebook seems to have controversially broken down again for the 3rd time this […]

US Parliament seizes Facebook owner’s data sharing emails

Despite the court order of keeping the investigation & findings private, the US parliament has seized all private documents including emails related to data sharing from Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The news is out that the evidence proving Facebook as guilty in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal will be presented before the Senate early […]

WhatsApp founder data privacy war with Facebook turns Murky

WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton data privacy war with Facebook has turned out murky when Facebook Executive David Marcus gave a fitting reply to the latter’s claim on Forbes. In an interview to Forbes a few days ago, Acton said that after acquiring his company for $19 billion, Mark Zuckerberg and his team were planning to […]

Cambridge Analytica data scandal makes 25% of young adults in America delete Facebook app

Did you delete the Facebook app from your phone or tablet recently? If yes, then you are not the only one who has done so due to privacy concerns. A survey conducted by Pew Research says that nearly 25% of young adults in America have deleted their respective accounts from the Facebook platform after the […]

FBI Investigates cyber incident on ‘Pro-Russian’ Candidate in Trump Administration

Well, the news is out that a Cyber Attack took place on a democratic rival of Rep.Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA), who is one of the few Pro-Russian candidates in Trump Administration. News source Rolling Stone reports that the attack took place on Dr. Hans Keirstead, who fell short of just 125 votes in the election of California […]

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