FBI Investigates cyber incident on ‘Pro-Russian’ Candidate in Trump Administration

Well, the news is out that a Cyber Attack took place on a democratic rival of Rep.Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA), who is one of the few Pro-Russian candidates in Trump Administration. News source Rolling Stone reports that the attack took place on Dr. Hans Keirstead, who fell short of just 125 votes in the election of California […]

Stop blaming Hillary Clinton for cyber attack on Verrit

From the past couple of days, there has been ‘n’ number of media reports blaming former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a cyber attack on Verrit. Many of these sources said that as soon as the lady endorsed the social media platform meant for her political supporters, it became a victim of cyber […]

Are Britain and Germany ready for pre-election cyber attacks?

As France’s newly elected President Emmanuel Macron is busy enjoying the success of the win, the focus of the media has now turned towards Britain and Germany. The only question which lingers in everyone’s mind is “Are Britain and Germany ready for pre-election cyber attacks?” It is now a known fact that shortly before the […]

Why state-sponsored actors launch cyber attacks?

Eric O’Neill, the former CIA operative recently shared his thought on why some countries are super-interested in launching cyber attacks on other nation’s critical infrastructure. As cyber espionage and cyber terrorism have emerged as the most critical threats to public and private sectors in the United States and the United Kingdom, let’s hope that his […]

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