Midterm elections

Cyber Attack news for this weekend

Hackers reportedly launched a cyber attack on Jones Eye Clinic in August this year and are said to have gained access to thousands of customer’s personal information. The accessed info includes full name, address, date of birth, date of service and medical record numbers. Sources report that sensitive info of some patients like social security […]

DNC Cyber Attack allegations on Russia were fake

The Democratic National Committee released a statement a couple of hours ago saying the attempted cyber attack by Russia on party candidates was fake. And was, in fact, a simulated phishing test attempted by white hat security analysts hired by Michigan Democratic Party. Therefore, the statement which was released by DNC on Tuesday of a […]

FBI Investigates cyber incident on ‘Pro-Russian’ Candidate in Trump Administration

Well, the news is out that a Cyber Attack took place on a democratic rival of Rep.Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA), who is one of the few Pro-Russian candidates in Trump Administration. News source Rolling Stone reports that the attack took place on Dr. Hans Keirstead, who fell short of just 125 votes in the election of California […]

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