Russian TV hacked on Victory Day Military Parade


An army of hackers in sympathy with Ukrainian civilians hacked the Russian TV and posted a message saying ‘ No to War’. The hack came in the early hours of Monday when most Television Channels were preparing to air the celebrations for the annual Victory Day Military Parade held at Red Square by Vladimir Putin.

After a few minutes of the cyber attack, the message containing text saying ‘No to War’ was removed and a new message stating ‘ the blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of their children in on your hands’ was posted.

The good part of this hack is that it only affected viewers watching the television content online through the streaming and satellite services offered by MTS Mobile Operator, NTV Plus, Rostelecom, and Wink.

What astonished the entire world is the President’s strange gait at the parade as he was found limping while taking a walk to his seat and covering his leg with a half-sized blanket to keep his lower part of the body, especially, his legs warm.

The digital assault probably launched by the Anonymous Hacking Group also disrupted TV Zvezda, the channel run by the Russian Defense Ministry,.

On the war front, Kremlin has intensified its shelling on the borders of Ukraine and is planning to take control of the entire nation with more vigor in the next few weeks to come.

Moscow is also planning to take control of the IT Infrastructure operating in government agencies on a remote note and has prepared a special cyber arm to conduct related operations with great perseverance.


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