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United States imposes $6.8 billion penalty on Facebook for data scandal

The United States has imposed a $6.8 billion penalty on Facebook for its Cambridge Analytica data scandal. However, the fine which was pronounced by the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) on Friday this week has to get approval from the Justice of Department before it gets finalized. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the penalty was levied after […]

Trump administration 2020 Fiscal budget offers extra for Cybersecurity related efforts

US administration under the leadership of Donald Trump has proposed a fiscal 2020 budget which calls for some pay cuts for non-defense agencies and rewards certain Cybersecurity related efforts with extra funding. Thus, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy along with the Food & Drug Administration are all set to receive substantial […]

Trump might start his own Internet

US President Donald Trump has expressed his desire to start his own ‘World Wide Web’ network to counter misinformation (according to him) or fake news spread by CNN on International Level. Mr. Trump expressed his desire to do so via Twitter on Monday which goes on as follows- CNN has a powerful voice portraying the […]

US government sees Russia as a cyber threat to undersea cables

US government’s Treasury Department has imposed new sanctions on 5 Russian companies and 3 Russian Nationals said to have helped the Russian Federal Security Services to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of United States in February this year. In a statement issued by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, it was clearly mentioned that the […]

Homeland Security to probe potential cybersecurity threats posed by ZTE

As security scare among US government entities in using the products delivered by Chinese Telecommunication firm ZTE has increased in recent month’s, Homeland Security has been directed by House of Representatives to probe into the matter. The probe will be focusing on any cyber risks introduced by use of ZTE products on federal state, and […]

White House to convene meeting with companies on future of AI in US Industry

White House under the leadership of US President Donald Trump is all set to convene a meeting on Thursday on the future of AI in the US Industry. The companies which have received an invitation from the trump administration include Facebook, Inc, Amazon, Google parent Alphabet Inc and Oracle Corporation. Intel Corporation, Ford Motors, and […]

Donald Trump pushing hard for Smartphone Backdoors

United States 45th President Donald Trump and his administration are reported to be pushing hard for legislation which makes it mandatory for law enforcement to access encrypted devices. In fact, a news article published in New York Times last month says that the Trump Administration is asking cell phone manufacturers including Apple to create a […]

Russia shrugs off White House Sanctions imposed in retaliation to its CyberAttack

Trump Administration on Thursday imposed sanctions on Russia for meddling in US 2016 Polls and for launching destructive cyber attack campaigns on Yahoo and attempted cyber attacks against the US Electrical Grid. Singling out Russia’s role in the NotPetya attack, a malware in disguise of ransomware, but capable of wiping out the encrypted data; the […]

Trump Government insists on Woman Owned Startups to secure Radio Active material from Cyber Attacks

Trump Government on the recommendation of the National Nuclear Security Administration is looking for a startup owned by a woman entrepreneur to prevent cyberattacks targeting nuclear materials, whether in a facility or transit. As nuclear and other radiological materials are susceptible to cyber attacks, The Energy Department wants a woman-owned small business to take off […]

Kaspersky Lab says gas stations are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

Kaspersky Lab has issued an alert saying all gas stations operating around the world are exposed to remote takeover, often for years, if remain unchecked. The Russia based software provider said that hackers can launch cyber attacks on embedded gas station controllers of which there are currently over 1,000 installed and operating online. Researchers from […]

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