Donald Trump pushing hard for Smartphone Backdoors

United States 45th President Donald Trump and his administration are reported to be pushing hard for legislation which makes it mandatory for law enforcement to access encrypted devices.

In fact, a news article published in New York Times last month says that the Trump Administration is asking cell phone manufacturers including Apple to create a secure vault in all their future devices where the backups keys can be locked and unlocked based on government’s initiatives.

A similar proposal put forward by Steven Levy outlined from the words of Ray Ozzie, the Lotus Notes founder was published in Wired on Wednesday. And the article insists for a system called ‘clear’ in which phone manufacturers would keep an archive of emergency private keys for law enforcement investigators to open up all the encrypted data stored on the phone in untoward situations.

In March 2016, reacting to the issue at the SXSW Conference, President Obama said that some horrible crime might push lawmakers not just to act, but to mandate more access than now.

But he added to his statement that software sophistication could one day give more controls to users which can boomerang certain government policies. Therefore under such scenario, criminals could benefit more from strong crypto than citizens who play by the rules and stick with the default settings.

Perhaps, Barack Obama was reacting to the encryption argument taking place between Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Apple to write special software to disable the lockout system on iPhone 5c used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Note- Based on a court order, FBI is said to have used ‘Graykey’ software from Atlanta based company GrayShift to break into the phone later on.

Probably, the current president Mr. Donald Trump wants to end the ongoing controversy once and for all and so urging smartphone manufacturers to come up with backdoors which can be accessed by the government/s in crisis.

What’s your say on this issue?

Do you agree or disagree with the legislation put forward by Trump which urges Smartphone manufacturers to come up with backdoors on all their future devices…?

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Naveen Goud
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