FBI shares some valuable insights on ransomware

The FBI, America’s premier law enforcement agency, has released a comprehensive report shedding light on the ongoing ransomware threat landscape. Here’s a summary of the key insights: Intermittent Encryption Tactics: Notably, the report highlights a common tactic among the top five ransomware groups, including Alphv, Akira, Roy-al, Black Basta, and LockBit. These groups typically encrypt […]

FBI seizes 9 cryptocurrency exchange websites supporting cyber criminals and ransomware spread

FBI officials have released an official statement that they have seized the servers operating in United States, Ukraine and France linked to about 9 cryptocurrency exchange websites that supported cyber criminals in their actions by indulging in money laundering and exchange of fiat currency in crypto. The list of seized websites includes- 1.     24xbtc.com 2.     […]

China has 50 hackers against each FBI Cyber Warrior

The FBI Director disclosed to the Congressional Committee that China has assigned around 50 hackers against each bureau’s Cyber Warriors, thus opening-up  about the threats it was facing from the adversary. Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, spoke to senior executives at the House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Commerce Justice, Science and Related Agencies, […]

Killnet launches Cyber Attack on FBI Website

If what is being shared by the Russian hacking group Killnet stands true, a portion of FBI website was hacked recently via a ransomware attack and the group of cyber criminals believe that the attack on the digital property of Federal government is indeed a colossal achievement. The hackers made the revelation on their Telegram […]

FBI alerts students against loan forgiving scams

FBI has issued a warning to all students studying in different universities against the ongoing loan forgiving scam. The scam that is being circulated as email phishing and smishing is actually a fraudulent operation taken up by cyber crooks to mint critical financial details from innocent victims. According to the US Governments Student Loan Debt […]

Russia to the cyber-attack United States with the help of its Ransomware gangs

We all know that half of the ransomware gangs that are operating in the wild are from Russia or are being financially backed by Kremlin. So, after analyzing the current situation in the cyber landscape, the FBI has concluded that the Putin-led government is all set to the cyber-attack United States pretty soon! It is […]

FBI issues ransomware alert to the agriculture sector in the United States

FBI has issued a ransomware attack alert to the agriculture sector in the United States as the current time seems to be the busiest for the said sector. Hackers are planning to hit a big blow to the agriculture sector to create production and supply shortages across the United States. As the law enforcement alerted […]

FBI says no smart phones, computers and tablets at Beijing Winter Olympics

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is urging the participants of Beijing Winter Olympics to leave their smart phones, tablets and laptops at their home and then attend the sporting event. It is a known fact that the Chinese government has imposed a strict COVID restriction protocol in its country as per which no […]

FBI still unsure about Israel Phantom Spyware

After spending a time span of two full years on thinking, US’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is still unsure on whether to buy Phantom Spyware from the Israeli firm NSO Group or not. FYI, NSO Group claims to have developed the best spying tool (as Phantom) that has the potential to hack into any […]

FBI Email Servers hacked

The so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), America’s most prestigious law enforcement organization, is facing embarrassment as hackers somehow crept into its email servers and sent 100,000 fake emails to many recipients- mostly innocent civilians. In what is known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the hack occurred because of a mis-configuration in the email server of […]

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