FBI shares some valuable insights on ransomware


    The FBI, America’s premier law enforcement agency, has released a comprehensive report shedding light on the ongoing ransomware threat landscape. Here’s a summary of the key insights:

    Intermittent Encryption Tactics: Notably, the report highlights a common tactic among the top five ransomware groups, including Alphv, Akira, Roy-al, Black Basta, and LockBit. These groups typically encrypt only the initial 4KB of each file and append their gang’s name extension, such as “.lockbit”. By doing so, they aim to minimize entropy changes, making detection more challenging. This strategy not only poses significant hurdles for data security and prevention tools but also complicates efforts to restore data from backups.

    Lethal Intentions: Disturbingly, the report reveals that ransomware operators are willing to escalate their tactics to the point of endangering lives. Threat researchers have documented instances where attackers targeted healthcare and public health institutions, leading to critical disruptions in medical services. Shockingly, there have been reported cases of ransomware attacks resulting in patient deaths. According to a study by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, America has witnessed approximately 60 deaths of Medicare patients over the past five years, highlighting the dire consequences of these malicious activities.

    Escalating Threat: Looking ahead, the FBI warns that the ransomware threat is poised to worsen in the coming days. The agency has consistently advised against paying ransoms, as it not only fuels criminal activities but also offers no guarantee of data recovery. Furthermore, funds obtained through ransom payments may be funneled into other illegal endeavors, such as North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, as demonstrated in a 2022 study by Sophos. Shockingly, only a mere 4% of companies affected by ransomware attacks managed to retrieve all their data, underscoring the widespread impact and severity of this threat.


    Ransomware continues to pose a formidable and ever-evolving challenge, with no immediate solution in sight. Unless decisive measures are taken to curb cryptocurrency usage and access, the situation is likely to deteriorate further in the foreseeable future. It’s imperative for governments worldwide to collaborate and implement effective strategies to mitigate this growing menace.

    Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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