FBI starts fooling hackers with fake data to find their whereabouts

The next time if you hear a media story on a company’s data breach, be aware that this could be a ploy played by the FBI on identifying hackers/ groups. Yes, the US law enforcement agency thinks that fake data can be used to lure hackers to hack a network in order to find their […]

FBI issues Cyber Attack warning against Smart TVs

As sales of smart TVs have boomed on this Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving weekend, the FBI has issued a warning that hackers are now becoming sophisticated enough to punch a hole on the cyber defenses of smart TV users.   In general, we use smart TVs to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and such […]

New Cyber Threat to the US from Chinese Actors

US Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) has issued a nationwide alert that a digital threat from China is due to take place early next year. Testifying before the Senate, Christopher Wray the FBI Director confirmed the news and added that ISIS and domestic terrorist groups have become busy these days by recruiting sympathizers via social […]

Pay Ransom to Ransomware spreading hackers says FBI

  US Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) has suddenly taken a U-Turn on its decision to not pay ransom to hackers during ransomware incidents. And that’s because it is proving as a cost-effective option to victims rather than recovering data through various means.   Although the company doesn’t want the victimized companies to cave into the […]

FBI issues Cyber Threat warning against Multi-Factor Authentication

According to a report published in Forbes, the FBI has issued a cyber threat warning against the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as they observed that threat actors can infiltrate the authentication services through social engineering attacks. However, contrary to what the US Law enforcement agency has suggested, Microsoft has issued a confirmation that MFAs […]

FBI issues Cyber Attack warning to US Businesses and Organizations

FBI has issued a high impact cyber threat to all businesses and organizations operating in the United States and has urged the company and organizations heads to report ransomware incidents as soon as possible to the federal law to help create a detailed picture of the cyber threat. In the past few months, ransomware attacks […]

Ransomware attack on Demant fetches $95 million loss and FBI on Meridian Cyber Attack

Denmark based hearing aid manufacturer Demant has released an official statement yesterday stating that the ransomware attack which took place on its database early last month could fetch a $95 million loss to the company in the current financial year. The loss includes disruption of services, recovery, IT staffs extra pay to probe and contain […]

Cyber Attack on State Farm Insurance

State Farm, an Illinois based Insurance and financial services provider have admitted that its database was victimized by credential stuffing cyber-attack where usernames and passwords of the company users were compromised. As a precautionary measure, the insurance company provider has notified its customers to reset their passwords, while it is keeping the affected count under […]

FBI seizes firms offering Cyber Attacks-on-Demand

US Department of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has announced that it has seized over 15 internet domains and has charged around 14 men associated with firms that offer cyber attacks-on-demand. The law enforcement agency has added in its statement that the firms were found indulging in malicious practices such as spreading malware and launching […]

Google n FBI discover a major ad-fraud campaign infecting 2 million devices

Google in association with the US law enforcement agency FBI has busted a major AD fraud campaign which is reported to have hacked over 2 million devices so far. It’s said that the scam led the hackers to over $36 million earnings from advertising. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the search giant indicted charges against […]

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