FBI says no smart phones, computers and tablets at Beijing Winter Olympics


The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is urging the participants of Beijing Winter Olympics to leave their smart phones, tablets and laptops at their home and then attend the sporting event.

It is a known fact that the Chinese government has imposed a strict COVID restriction protocol in its country as per which no foreign spectators will be allowed to attend the Winter Olympics that are scheduled to be held in between February 4th and February 20th of this year.

So, the country is asking other nations only to send their eligible sports persons and few of the staff to the arena as it is adamant to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics, officially called as the XXIV Olympic Winter Games in this month at any cost.

Reports are in the government has kept the Corona cases under control and so is interested in holding the winter sports event by this month end.

On the other hand, UK’s NCSC and some other law enforcement agencies are asking their athletes to stay away from any digital activity as long as they are in the Republic of China.

Thence, athletes have to leave their computing gadgets at home and fly to Beijing, as it disallows hackers from sneaking into the personal information of the athletes or inducing malware and spying tools into their devices.

China has planned for those who are seeking digital detox by arranging temporary landlines to communicate with the near & dear. They are also employing robots to serve food & help to the athletes to keep the COVID-19 Virus spread in check.

NOTE- In the year 2018, Russian state funded actors tried hard to disrupt the digital infrastructure used at the Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. But could only succeed to disrupt the event organization to a minute quotient.

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