BlackCat Ransomware

BlackCat Ransomware targets Indian Military weapons maker and Yandex Data Breach

BlackCat Ransomware has targeted an Indian firm that produces and supplies weaponry to military agencies across the subcontinent. And details are in that the hacking gang has now put the stolen data up for sale, as the victim failed to entertain their monetary demands. Solar Industries India Limited is the firm that became a victim […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

1. A Financial service offering company to healthcare industry has admitted that a ransomware attack on its data firm could have led to a data breach affecting over 600 healthcare establishments. The firm that is being discussed is Professional Finance Company Inc (PFC) and was founded in the year 1904 and allows customers of various […]

BlackCat Ransomware is being induced into Microsoft Exchange Servers

Microsoft Exchange Servers are being targeted by those spreading BlackCat Ransomware and information is out that the hackers are seen exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities on the systems to induct the said file encrypting malware. It has been observed that in over two instances the hackers could steal credentials and transit information to remote servers, to use […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

Onleihe, a German online library that offers e-books, electronic newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, music files, and more has admitted that its IT systems were targeted by a ransomware attack that has locked digital files from access. EKZ which offers information technology services to the Germany-based library service provider was hit by the Lockbit ransomware group last […]

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