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Onleihe, a German online library that offers e-books, electronic newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, music files, and more has admitted that its IT systems were targeted by a ransomware attack that has locked digital files from access.

EKZ which offers information technology services to the Germany-based library service provider was hit by the Lockbit ransomware group last month. And all of its clients, including Onleihe, have now been affected.

Onleihe offers services in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Belgium, and France along with Germany, and is sure that EKZ will restore services by this weekend using their disaster recovery services plan.

What if the Lockbit ransomware spreading criminals leaks the stolen data to the dark web? Well, only time can answer how Onleihe will deal with that situation.

Second is the news related to Magniber Ransomware strain that is being spread through fake Windows software updates.

According to a report released by Bleeping Computer, Magniber is mainly focusing on students and non-technology companies by disguising itself as a word file downloaded in the name of fake windows security updates.

And those using Internet Explorer 11 that have now become extinct on the server radars of Microsoft are mainly being targeted.

Initially, those targeted by Magniber were from India and now they have distributed the malware on systems operating in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia demanding $2,500 or 0.073 Bitcoins as ransom.

Swissport, a company that is in the business of logistics, cargo delivery, and aviation hospitality, was hit by a ransomware group named BlackCat aka ALPHV. Hackers have stolen about 1.3TB of data pertaining to the company’s employee services and are threatening to leak it to the web if the victim denies paying a ransom.

The leaked info includes passport numbers, full names, nationality, religion, email, phone numbers, and job roles. Out of the claimed 1.3 TB, about 25GB of stolen data belongs to those who applied for various job roles in the company in the past few months.

Swissport assured it will respond to the speculations, only after it finishes a detailed probe on the cyber incident.


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