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The Insider Threat: Can Employees Pose a Greater Risk than Hackers

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, organizations face a multitude of threats that can compromise their sensitive data and operations. While external threats from hackers and cyber criminals are well-recognized, there’s an often-underestimated risk that originates from within – the insider threat. This article explores the potential dangers posed by employees and examines whether they […]

Insider Threats nurtured for circumnavigating data centers

A few days ago, our Cybersecurity Insiders reported an alarming trend: hackers are actively persuading employees of corporate firms to surrender their login credentials, providing a gateway for unauthorized network access. Now, sources on Telegram are forecasting an escalation in cyberattacks, particularly involving malware and file-encrypting malware. These predictions suggest that criminals will increasingly exploit […]

Insider Threat Alert as employees take data while leaving a Job

According to a recent survey conducted by email security providing firm Tessian, nearly one third of employees take data while leaving their job. And there is a high probability that the information can be used for various malevolent purposes. With COVID-19 pandemic ruining careers of many in 2021, workers are seen taking data with them […]

Insider Threat to Google as it fires 36 employees in 2020

Well, this is indeed an interesting news piece to all those who are interested in Information Security. A leaked internal document of Google that was accessed & disclosed by, a tech subsidiary of Motherboard Tech, states that the internet juggernaut fired 36 employees in 2020 for fraudulently accessing Google user or employee data. Insider […]

Prying Eyes Inside the Enterprise: Bitglass’ Insider Threat Report

This post was originally published here by Jacob Serpa . When words like cyberattack are used, they typically conjure up images of malicious, external threats. While hackers, malware, and other outside entities pose a risk to enterprise security, they are not the only threats that need to be remediated.  Insider threats, which involve either malicious or careless insiders, are another significant […]

Ensuring Data Security with Remote Workers

by Patrick Knight A 2018 study released by IWG found that every week, 70% of employees are working at least one day from somewhere other than the office – a reality that presents many opportunities, but also a few challenges, specifically as it relates to cyber security. Most notably, an increasingly remote workforce presents a greater risk […]

Small Businesses are being threatened by these top Cyber Attacks

A Business is a business, no matter how much you are investing in it to raise it from the roots. And if you are one of the owner’s of the estimated 28 million small businesses in America, then it’s high time to include cybersecurity into your enterprise toolkit. According to a survey carried out by […]

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