Now FCC endorses IoT products with Cyber Trust Mark Logo

The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, is on the verge of introducing a cybersecurity labeling system for Internet of Things (IoT) products. This initiative aims to provide consumers with a clear indication of which smart devices meet basic cybersecurity standards. In the coming weeks, a new Cyber Trust Logo will be unveiled, which will adorn […]

Britain introduces IOT Device Security Legislation

A new legislation was introduced in the Britain’s parliament last week aiming to better protect IoT devices from sophisticated hackers. Dubbed as “The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure(PSTI) bill, it requests those involved in the manufacturing of Internet of Things such as smart TVs, CCTVs, smart phones and fitness trackers; to follow basic standards while […]

Kalay platform vulnerability exposes millions of IoT devices to cyber attacks

Cybersecurity Researchers from Mandiant have disclosed that millions of IoT devices operating across the globe were vulnerable to cyber attacks because of a flaw in Kalay Cloud platform software supplied by ThroughTek. On Tuesday this week, the bug dubbed as CVE-2021-28372 was reported to US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) by the researchers of […]

Vulnerability makes hackers hijack video streams from millions of connected cameras

A recent study made by Nozomi Networks, a security company that offers solutions for IoT products has discovered that millions of connected cameras are on the verge of being hijacked by cyber crooks through a vulnerability. Security researchers say that the flaw is related to software component used in cloud surveillance platform ThroughTek that is […]

Cyber Attacks on IoT devices are increasing says Nokia survey

As most of the internet connected devices are lacking basic security protections, cyber criminals are using automated tools to launch cyber attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities says a survey conducted by Nokia. Nokia’s security report concluded that over 33% of IoT or internet connected devices are infected- up from 16% in 2019. So, this clearly shows […]

Cyber Attack risk on IoT devices is too high says report

A recent study conducted by Unit 42, a threat intelligence platform of Palo Alto Networks has confirmed that the risk of a cyberattack on the Internet of Things(IoT) is too high than ever. And the study confirmed that all the 1.2 million IoT devices installed at more than 10,000 locations across enterprise IT and healthcare […]

Over 12 billion cyber attacks witnessed in the gaming industry since 2017

Akamai Technologies, a cloud services provider from Massachusetts says that since early 2018 the gaming industry has witnessed over 12 billion cyberattacks- mainly related to credential stuffing. According to the 2019 State of the Internet/Security Web Attacks and Gaming Abuse report of Akamai, the gaming industry has become a software target to hackers as they […]

Britain to ‘Kitemark’ electronic devices in the wake of Cyber Attacks

Government of Britain has decided to introduce a new ‘Kitemark’ system for electronic devices and websites as the populace of the United Kingdom are becoming super- vulnerable to cyber attacks. As it is getting a lot more difficult for consumers to know whether the Internet of Things enabled devices or online website are safely holding […]

Cyber Attacks on IoT cause £ 1billion loss to the UK economy

Recent research carried out by a Dutch Software firm named Irdeto claims that cyber attacks on the Internet of Things (IoT) are causing a £ 1billion loss to UK Economy. The software company estimates that the economy of the United Kingdom suffers over $244,000 loss on an average every year with malware attacks and data […]

Smart coffee Machines can allow hackers to steal ID and passwords

Smart Coffee Machines or truly speaking any electronic device connected to the internet can now be used by hackers to steal ID and Passwords says Vince Steckler, a security expert. Mocking the technology of ‘Internet of Things’ the expert who is also a Chief Executive Officer at Avast says that all smart devices can be […]

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