Hackers infiltrate servers of Japanese Government Cybersecurity Agency

In a concerning turn of events, the servers of Japan’s National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) fell victim to a cyberattack by a hacking group, highlighting the vulnerability of even the most secure digital entities. NISC plays a pivotal role in Japan’s cybersecurity landscape by serving as a centralized platform to […]

Japan governments hit by Killnet Hacking group of Russia

Killnet hacking group of Russia is suspected to have disrupted around 20 government websites related to the Japanese government. According to an update released by Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, a foreign interference is suspected behind the attack. But the role of Killnet hacking group that is being sponsored by Kremlin is yet to be […]

Japan government servers hacked and data stolen

Fujitsu, an IT services firm from Japan was recently targeted by cybercriminals stealing sensitive data belonging to government offices says a report released by NHK- a Japan-based media resource.   Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the data belonging to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, Cabinet secretariat, and Tourism were accessed & siphoned […]

Japan to restrict the use of foreign equipment in its private sector due to security concerns

As Huawei 5G network equipment usage has been banned in western nations’ telecom sector development due to concerns over national security, the Japanese government is said to implement the same in the coming days.   The Yoshihide Suga-led government has decided to regulate the use of foreign equipment across 44 industries operating in its region. […]

Chinese Military launches Cyber Attacks on Japanese Research firms

NHK, a Japan-based news resource, has published that a cyber attack launched by a hacking group linked to Chinese military targeted nearly 200 research firms and institutions from Japan. The report includes the fact that China was taking servers on rent in Japan in the name of IT development and was indulging in disruption tactics […]

Cyber Attack on Japan Nuclear Authority

The Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) of Japan has made it official that its infrastructure was hit by a cyberattack that was detected on Tuesday afternoon. And highly placed sources say that the attack could have crippled the entire email network of the nuclear agency of Japan.   NRA stated that it has taken all appropriate […]

Cyber Attacks on COVID 19 Vaccine producers in Japan

CrowdStrike, a US-based Cyber Security firm has disclosed that all the COVID 19 vaccine producers in Japan are at risk of being cyber attacked. The researchers of the firm have also confirmed that the attacks could be launched by some state-funded groups from China and Russia.    “As Pharma companies are competing against each other […]

Japan to invest $237.12 million in Artificial Intelligence to counter Cyber Attacks

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) of Japan has confirmed that it is going to invest over 25.6 billion Yen or $237.12 million in USD to develop Artificial Intelligence-based tools to counter cyber attacks. Japan aims to develop an all-inclusive AI system that can detect malevolent emails, respond to cyberattacks in an automated way through machine […]

Cyber Attack on Japan’s online Store leaks data of 460,000 customer accounts

Japan’s online retailing store ‘Fast Retailing’ has released a press statement yesterday that the websites of its business subsidiaries UNIQLO Japan and GU Japan were hacked due to which customer accounts from April 23rd, 2019 to May 10th, 2019 were compromised. News is out that the online store became victim to a credential stuffing cyber […]

Cyber Attack on Japan to initiate war with the United States

As per the latest security treaty signed between Japan and the United States, any state-funded cyber attack on Japan is enough to infuriate the United States which could make it launch back cyber attacks in retaliation. Yes, you’ve read it right! As per the bilateral security talk signed by Japanese officials in the presence of […]

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