Japan governments hit by Killnet Hacking group of Russia


Killnet hacking group of Russia is suspected to have disrupted around 20 government websites related to the Japanese government. According to an update released by Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, a foreign interference is suspected behind the attack. But the role of Killnet hacking group that is being sponsored by Kremlin is yet to be found out.

The problem started in the late hours of Tuesday when an e-Gov administrative portal was experiencing login issues. The cause was determined by the IT staff to be of Ddos Genre, confirming the role of a foreign group.

Check Point Software that played a significant role in investigating the attack has confirmed the role of Killnet behind the disruption.

NOTE 1- Killnet is a hacking group that is being funded by Moscow to wage digital wars against countries that are to support Ukraine. Some countries like the UK, US, Japan, South Korea and Australia are supporting Ukraine by offering supplies to essentials, funds, and ammunition. And so, on the word of Kremlin, the said hacking group is launching cyber attacks on the digital infrastructure of the adversary nations.

NOTE 2- The war between Moscow and Kyiv is about to take interesting terms, as both the nations will end the war with peace talks. Ukraine’s that celebrated its liberation day on a recent note, is ready to take part in the peace talks if the NATO nations indulge in negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

NOTE 3- Other other hand, Russian soldiers are tired of the war and as their wages have been stopped, they have stopped taking orders of seniors are refusing to kill innocent Ukrainian civilians.

NOTE 4- Anonymous hacking gang has declared war on Russian Killnet and has so far siphoned data of 360,000 Russian federal agency files stored on the government servers in retaliation to Killnet’s digital attack on European and Italian institutions and government ministries.


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