Laptop loss costs more than ransomware attacks

IT Staff who have opted for a hybrid work culture or those on the move often experience device loss. Issue deteriorates when the ICO imposes a penalty on the company because their staff have lost laptops because of their negligence or misfortune, Taking context of staff losing laptops into account, the Information Commissioner Office has […]

Laptops supplied to children in UK are filled with Russian Malware

The laptops that are being supplied to the children in schools operating in Bradford, Lincolnshire, and Wolverhampton are reported to be filled with Russian malware. The issue was confirmed by the school teachers of the respective schools, who added that the PCs were likely contacting the servers operating in the nation led by Vladimir Putin. […]

Plug in devices make laptops and desktops vulnerable to cyber attacks

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK and Rice University in the US has confirmed that most desktops and laptops fall prey to hackers due to plug-in devices used commonly like chargers and docking stations. The security researchers have found that the vulnerabilities were detected mostly in computers running […]

Over 400 models of HP Laptops are found conducting Espionage!

Do you own an HP Laptop or work on it in your office…? If yes, then all your key logs may have been recorded by remote hackers by now. Computer Security Expert Michael Myng is the first guy to expose the security flaw and argues that the technology used by cybercriminals to gather sensitive info […]

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