Google files lawsuit against blockchain botnet operators

Google has made an official announcement that it has filed a lawsuit against a blockchain on botnet operators to pressurize Russian government to take stringent action against cyber criminals operating from its region The tech giant also revealed that the botnet operators have so far compromised around 1 million Windows PCs around the world, with […]

Apple Inc hides a security incident that took place in 2015 effecting 128m users

Epic Games Lawsuit has witnessed a fresh development early this week when an email reached the court hearing that disclosed that Apple Inc failed to reveal a 2015 occurred cyber incident to public. To those uninitiated, a few weeks ago, Epic Company, the creator of Fortnite game dragged the iPhone maker to the court for […]

TikTok dragged to court by 12-year-old girl for data misuse

Chinese app TikTok is back in news for misusing data of it’s under aged users to gain advertising revenue from corporate clients. A 12-year-old girl from London has sued in the court that TikTok and its predecessor were processing information related to children just to gain ad revenues that was against the EU and […]

Notice of Class Action Settlement RE Google Plus

To all those who are living in United States and have used Google+ account for any specific period between Jan 2015 to April 2019, here’s a class action settlement notice issued by Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary Google. And FYI, the notice is being issued to all users who have been impacted because of software vulnerability in […]

FedEx misleads investors on Cyber Attack and so faces a lawsuit

FedEx, a renowned courier delivery service provider from America is reported to be facing a lawsuit in the New York Court for misleading its investors on the repercussions on a 2017 cyber attack. The lawsuit filed by Pomerantz Law Firm in New York states that the logistics company violated the federal securities law by misguiding […]

Mondelez files $100m claim from Zurich Insurance for NotPetya Cyber Attack

Mondelez, the American Food, Confectionary, and Beverage Company has threatened Switzerland based Zurich Insurance with a lawsuit to pay the $100m penalty for refusing its claim for the damage caused by the NotPetya Cyber Attack. As insurance companies are tightening the rules related to the liability claims, this lawsuit will stand tall as a first […]

Equifax Cyber Attack faces a lawsuit from Canada Citizen

In September 2017, Equifax disclosed that a cyber attack on its database has exposed sensitive info of more than 143 million of its American consumers. The leaked data includes social security numbers, driver licenses, and phone numbers as well. Daniel Thalheimer, 46, a citizen of Duncan, Canada has now filed a class action lawsuit against […]

Ashley Madison agrees to pay $11.2 million as Cyber Attack settlement

Toronto based Ashley Madison has officially agreed to pay $11.2 million as cyber attack settlement in response to an American Class Action lawsuit which stemmed from a massive security breach which took place 2 years ago. However, the proposed settlement is yet to get the approval of United States District Court for the Eastern District […]

Microsoft not to entertain lawsuits on Wannacry related Cyber Attack

On Friday last week, the entire digital world came to a standstill when media reports emerged that hackers have succeeded in infecting around 200,000 computer systems with ransomware in more than 150 countries. Reports now confirm that a hacking group called Lazarus from North Korea launched the said cyber attack by tapping in the vulnerabilities […]

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