Mondelez files $100m claim from Zurich Insurance for NotPetya Cyber Attack

Mondelez, the American Food, Confectionary, and Beverage Company has threatened Switzerland based Zurich Insurance with a lawsuit to pay the $100m penalty for refusing...

Equifax Cyber Attack faces a lawsuit from Canada Citizen

In September 2017, Equifax disclosed that a cyber attack on its database has exposed sensitive info of more than 143 million of its American...

Ashley Madison agrees to pay $11.2 million as Cyber Attack settlement

Toronto based Ashley Madison has officially agreed to pay $11.2 million as cyber attack settlement in response to an American Class Action lawsuit which...

Microsoft not to entertain lawsuits on Wannacry related Cyber Attack

On Friday last week, the entire digital world came to a standstill when media reports emerged that hackers have succeeded in infecting around 200,000...
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