Google to pay compensation for Location Tracking

When the next time you give your smart phone’s location tracking control to Google, please be aware that the internet juggernaut can use it to create a virtual user profile and target ads onto your device. Maps, YouTube search history, YouTube watch history, voice and audio interactions, Google app’s location history, web and app activity […]

What data does Google store about you

It seems almost impossible to make Google stop tracking data about you. Yes, unless you stop using your smart phone and stop accessing any of the google services like the search engine, Maps, YouTube, Gmail via web and such. But we can delete the information tracked by the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary. Want to know how? […]

Apps sharing precise location data details of about 200 smartphones across the US

An investigation conducted by the renowned news resource ‘The New York Times’ has found that some apps such as GasBuddy and The Weather Channel are amongst 75 companies which are sharing the precise location data of more than 200 million smartphone users across the United States. New York Times claims that the details are being […]

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