Los Angeles

IBM develops a Cyber Resilience Center for Los Angeles

International Business Machines, shortly known as IBM, has developed a Cyber Resilience Center (CRC) for the Port of Los Angeles that will help in thwarting cyber threats that could negatively affect the free flow of cargo. Nowadays, most of the ports in the world are automated, as they need to handle and distribute tons of […]

Los Angeles Port ties up with IBM for a Cyber Resilience Centre to combat Cyber Threats

As cyber attacks on ports are increasing day by day, the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners has made an agreement with IBM to build a Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC) safeguard the Port of Los Angeles from cyber attacks. The focus of the centre will be to safeguard the digital infrastructure related to cargo flow […]

Cyber attack news headlines trending on Google

Chicago based Phillip Capital, a Commodity and Security Brokerage company has been asked to pay a penalty of $1.5 million to the federal government. US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has penalized the financial firm with a hefty fine for not protecting its database from cyber threats and not alerting the customer about a data […]

Los Angeles proves as a booming paradise for startups

Los Angeles(LA) which happens to be the second largest city in the United States after New York is said to be slowly turning into a booming paradise for tech startups. In recent months, hordes of venture capitals from Northern California are regularly commuting the City of Los Angeles in search of the best real estate […]

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