Increasing Cyber Security on Mac

Recently, many users choose Mac computers because they are fast, reliable, and cool. Some people still think that Apple computers have some “magic” inside to be protected from any viruses, and their speed will always be on the highest level. Well, in some ways, Macs are more reliable and high-performance compared to other devices but […]

Apple Mac Computers loaded with AVID Software suffering from malware attack

All those Mac Computer users using the computing device in and around Los Angeles should think twice before using the video editing software supplied by Avid. As reports are in that those using the said company media composing software are finding their devices shutting down mysteriously and are unable to reboot them back to life.   […]

All modern computers are vulnerable to cold boot attacks

All modern computers are vulnerable to cold boot attacks says a research taken up by cybersecurity firm F-Secure. The study found that all modern computers, mostly laptops, are at risk of data theft when the hackers gain physical access to the devices. F-Secure research says that hackers can easily surpass the security layers of Windows […]

Intel Processors are suffering from a serious Chip Level Security Flaw

Intel Processors are said to be suffering from a serious chip-level security flaw which isn’t that easy to fix. And as per a post published in ‘The Register’, the fix must come from the OS level and when available could easily hit the overall performance of the processor. As per the report, the bug seems […]

Mac malware increased by 230 percent in the last 12 Months

Mac malware is said to have increased by 230 percent in the last 12 months and experts suggest that a further increase is likely possible in 2018 as Mac Apple Store is being infected by a tidal wave of scam software. All these days, all reports emerging in the media said that malware infecting Android […]

Apple MAC computers are now being targeted with Ransomware and Spyware

All those MAC users who are in an illusion that ransomware developers/hackers target only Windows PCs must immediately change their mindset after reading this blog post. As per a research conducted by Fortinet, two new variants of malware have emerged on the dark web which has been specifically created to target Apple computers.  One of […]

CIA can hack iPhones, Smart TVs and Whatsapp says WikiLeaks

For all those who think that they are using the most secure apps in this digital world, its time to think over it again. According to the latest reports published in the media from WikiLeaks, United States intelligence agency CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), has the potential to hack any iPhone, Whatsapp message and Smart TVs […]

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