LockBit Ransomware gang focusing on MacOS

For the first time in the history of Apple Inc, a notorious ransomware-spreading gang seems to have shifted its focus to MacOS-loaded laptops. The LockBit Ransomware Group has now developed encryptors targeting Macs, thus extending their crimes from Windows, Linux, and VMware ESXi servers to Apple computers. According to the analysis of MalwareHunterTeam, the encryption […]

Apple to say goodbye to Passwords with its MacOS Ventura Passkeys

Apple Inc is all set to say goodbye to Passwords forever with its upcoming macOS Ventura operating system as it will integrate the security feature into its passkeys that are unique and digital and can never be tricked by hackers. Passkeys are nothing but a replacement for password-based authentication. It will be unique and will […]

New Adware targeting Apple MacOS run devices by evading detection

A newly found adware in the wild is seen only targeting Apple MacOS devices. And security analysts from SentinelOne argue the adware dubbed as “AdLoad” has the capabilities of stealing and snooping the infected devices. AdLoad can evade the usual Apple Devices Malware Scanners and is seen amassing and transmitting information from victim devices to […]

How to get ransomware protection on Mac devices

When it comes to cyber security, Mac devices offered by Apple Inc are having an excellent reputation in the PC market. But a recent study conducted by Cybersecurity firm Cisco Talos says that no OS platform is safe from hackers these days, especially from those spreading ransomware attacks to public and private networks. Fortunately, those […]

macOS users targeted by EvilQuest Ransomware which acts strange

All you macOS users out there using torrents to obtain pirated software, you better be aware of a strange file-encrypting malware which is doing rounds on the internet. As per recent research, the ransomware dubbed as ‘EvilQuest’ has the potential not only lock down your device until a $50 ransom is paid, but also has […]

Cybersecurity News trending on Google right now

Recently, two of the former employees of Snapchat have disclosed that the company’s user data was abused by employees a few years ago. The past employees of the multimedia messaging app say that the company allows its staff to spy on the information of its users such as phone numbers, email addresses, location info and […]

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