Apple to say goodbye to Passwords with its MacOS Ventura Passkeys


Apple Inc is all set to say goodbye to Passwords forever with its upcoming macOS Ventura operating system as it will integrate the security feature into its passkeys that are unique and digital and can never be tricked by hackers.

Passkeys are nothing but a replacement for password-based authentication. It will be unique and will use touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification. The highlight is that the passkey can also be used across Mac, iPhone, and iPad along with Apple TV and will be secured with encryption.

As Ventura’s Passkey will be a part of the FIDO alliance, it can also be used on devices running on Microsoft and Google operating systems that have also committed to replacing passwords with a more sensible technology…. at least for now.

Apple Inc. is planning to release its MacOS Ventura in September or October this year with much fanfare.

Note- MacOS 13, which is now officially called Ventura and was unveiled at its Worldwide Developer Conference and will act as a successor to macOS Monterey and will have highlights such as Spotlight and Safari features. It will operate on the new homegrown M-Series silicon wafers and is expected to boost the desktop and laptop revenues from $9.1 billion to $12 billion by early next year. iOS 16 will also be released at the same time by the technology company.


Naveen Goud
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