Microsoft says that Malaysia has become extremely vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Microsoft which released its Security Intelligence Report(SIR) recently has specifically mentioned that Malaysia has become extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. The report compiled by the data taken from between Jan to Dec’18 says that it came to the above-said conclusion after analyzing 6.5 trillion cyber threat signals from cloud vendor’s several data points. “Undoubtedly Malaysia […]

Media Prima Berhad Malaysia servers hit by Ransomware Attack

Media Prima, which happens to be one of the top media companies in Malaysia, is reported to have been hit by a cyber attack of ransomware variant on Thursday last week. And as per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, the attack disrupted most of the in-house digital services like email correspondence since then. A […]

Russia hacked MH17 investigation in Malaysia

The Dutch government has disclosed yesterday that the laptop used by expelled spies belonging to Russia intelligence contained evidence that the device was used to hack the investigation of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 which is suspected to have crashed into the Indian Ocean in 2014. Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the laptop used […]

Hackers siphon data of more than 46 million Malaysian Mobile Phone Users!

Personal details of more than 46 million mobile users in Malaysia is said to have fallen into the hands of cybercriminals. And the leaked info includes IMEI numbers, IMSI numbers, home addresses, MyKad Number, SIM card info and some of the private details. The leaked info is of users using the services of the following […]

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