Apple blocks $1.5 Billion Fraudulent Transactions of 1 million malicious Apps

Apple has removed over 1 million malicious apps from its App Store in the whole of 2020, thus stopping more than $1.5 billion fraudulent transactions from taking place. This was achieved with the help of sophisticated technology along with human technical expertise says the American Technology Giant. Reports are in that there were over 244 […]

One in 100 emails are Malicious

FireEye, a Milpitas based publicly listed Cyber Security company has discovered in its latest study that one in 100 emails are malicious. That means they are being crafted to trick people to surrender their personal details or download malware on to the recipient computers. And the results were declared only after analyzing half a billion […]

Facebook Messenger turns into a huge Cyber Threat!

Some hackers are using popular Facebook Messenger(FM) service as a platform to spread fake Hoax links which when clicked can turn into huge cyber threats. So, all you guys who get a suspicious link from a friend on Facebook Messenger should from now on be very careful while clicking the link inserted in the message. […]

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