Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity market to generate $101.8B by 2030

Artificial Intelligence(AI) propelled Cybersecurity market is said to create a revenue of $101.8 billion by 2030(on a global note), surging from just 8.6 billion in 2019-says a survey conducted by ResearchAndMarkets. The survey also states that the market will generate the said amount of revenue from a segmented market that includes fraud detection, threat intelligence […]

Cyber Attacks to surge Managed Security Services spend to $17 Billion

As companies are witnessing a surge in cyberattacks on their Digital Infrastructure, this is said to increase the revenue of Managed Security Service providers to $17 billion. Analytics firm ‘GlobalData’ says that cyber incidents such as ransomware attacks will be forcing enterprises across the Asia Pacific Region to spend more on security solutions- to defend […]

US Merger and Acquisition market reaches $60 billion mark in September

United States Merger and Acquisition market have witnessed a flurry of activity in September this year with the deals reaching the mark of $60 billion. Experts suggest that out of all only 4 major deals have captured the interest of the industry to date. And Comcast winning the bid of UK Company Sky stands tall […]

Cyber Security market to touch $173.57 billion mark by 2022

Cyber Security market prevailing on a global note is predicted to touch $173.57 billion mark by 2022. US-based Crystal Market Research (CMR) which made this analysis says that the said market will register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.35% during the forecast period. In general, Cyber Security is nothing but a group of […]

Demand for ransomware soars by 2500% amid high profile Cyber Attacks!

A recent report released by Computer Security Company Carbon Black reveals that the demand for ransomware has soared by 2500% in 2017, amid high profile cyber attacks and the rise of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. The Massachusetts based company found that the market for ransomware on dark web soared to $6.24 million years to date, compared […]

Cyber Insurance market to flourish due to increase in Cyber Attacks

As the political tensions between the United States and North Korea intensify further it is evident that the next world war will be fought online via cyber warfare. And as all businesses have become extremely dependent on the use of technology especially internet and cloud, the next world war could cost all these businesses heavier […]

Increasing Cyber Attacks will boost the market of Cloud Security Solutions

According to a study made by UK based Market Research firm Technavio, increasing cyber attacks are boosting the market of cloud security solutions. The firm also mentioned in its study that the market for global cloud security solutions is expected to grow at a CAGR of close to 20% during the forecast period of 2017-2021. […]

Microsoft offers a new playbook on Cloud Security

American software giant Microsoft has advocated a 228-page playbook in which it predicts that managed security services market is expected to reach nearly $41 billion on a global note in just next five years. The Security Practice Development Playbook of Microsoft views that that playbook will help all its partners to have a strong security […]

Increase in Cloud Adoption surges Cloud Security Concerns

Gartner in its latest report has predicted that the cloud security market on a global note will remain strong in coming years. And that will be due to the increase in the market for cloud adoption. On a further note, the world-renowned research firm predicts that the market will reach $5.9 billion USD by 2017, […]

Report says that Anti Ransomware solutions market will increase

A market research firm called Persistence Market Research carried out a recent study in which it discovered that that market for companies offering anti-ransomware solutions has increased in the past couple of years and will see an upward curve in years to come. As enterprises are showing interest in adopting various protection tools to keep […]

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