7 Essential Security Tips to Identify Fake Mobile Apps

In today’s digital age, mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily lives, facilitating various tasks from communication to banking. However, with the proliferation of mobile apps, there’s also an increase in fake and malicious applications aiming to compromise users’ security and privacy. To help you navigate the digital landscape safely, here are […]

Essential Security Certifications for Consumer Mobile Devices: A Comprehensive Guide

In an era dominated by mobile technology, ensuring the security of consumer mobile devices has become paramount. Various certifications play a crucial role in establishing the trustworthiness of these devices, assuring users that their personal data and digital interactions are safeguarded. This article delves into the key security certifications needed for consumer mobile devices, providing […]

Avoid storing this data on mobile to curb privacy and security concerns

To mitigate privacy and security concerns, it’s advisable to refrain from storing certain types of data on your mobile devices. While smartphones are indispensable for staying connected and managing various aspects of our lives, safeguarding personal information should be a top priority. Here are some steps to help protect your privacy and security: a.) Password […]

Why you need to protect your smartphone with mobile security software

In the modern era, smartphones have transitioned from being mere luxuries to absolute necessities. They serve as lifelines for maintaining connections with loved ones, facilitating payments, and accessing work-related content from virtually anywhere at any time. Upon acquiring a new device, individuals are often preoccupied with safeguarding it against physical harm, such as accidental drops […]

Ensuring HIPAA Compliance on Mobile Devices: A Vital Guide

In today’s digital age, where mobile devices have become an integral part of healthcare delivery and patient management, maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy is of paramount importance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the benchmark for safeguarding sensitive patient information, even in the mobile realm. Let’s delve into […]

How to protect mobile phone from malware attacks

The proliferation of smartphones has led to a significant increase in malware attacks on mobile devices. To safeguard your smartphone from these malicious software threats, it is crucial to implement some protective measures. Here are some essential tips to fortify your device’s security: Keep your Operating System Updated: Regularly updating your OS is vital as […]

Samsung shipped 100 million Galaxy smart phones filled with critical security vulnerabilities

Here’s a mobile security alert for all Samsung Galaxy Phone users and it surely needs your attention as it is critical. As per a study conducted by Tel Aviv University, a wide range of Samsung Smart Phones across multiple generations are being released into the market with a major security flaw and the concern is […]

Beijing Winter Olympics MY2022 mobile app filled with security vulnerabilities

Winter Olympics 2022 that are scheduled to be held in Beijing from next month i.e. in between February 4th to February 22nd, 2022 is in news for wrong reasons. The MY2022 app that needs to be installed by all the participants attending the event is reported to be filled with several security vulnerabilities, allowing hackers […]

Seven years security updates to mobile users in Germany

German government is urging mobile manufactures to offer security updates for devices up to seven years or at least 6 years so that it could increase the life of usage of phones to over 5 years. Already a proposal in this regard has been passed on to the European Union that also makes it mandatory […]

Mobile Security Scare makes UK Boris Johnson dump his old phone number

The old phone number of Britain’s PM Boris Johnson that has been freely available on the internet for the past 15 years is no longer available with him and this was confirmed by his cabinet secretary last week. As retaining a phone number for longer periods attracts unnecessary attention from hostile nations, the PM was […]

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