Motorola mobiles suffering from stack overflow vulnerability

To all those who are using Motorola mobiles across the world, here’s a news piece that needs your immediate attention. Those using devices operating on UNISOC Tiger T700 Chipsets such as Moto G20, E30 and E40 smart phones are warned that their mobiles are suffering from stack overflow vulnerability. Due to chip shortage, Motorola was […]

Acquisition news trending in the world of Mobile Security and Cloud

Motorola Solutions had made a formal announcement yesterday that it is going to acquire cloud based mobile security firm Openpath Security for an undisclosed amount. Trade analysts say that the former will integrate the innovative authentication technology of the latter to lead the access control industry. “Digitally securing a business in this highly sophisticated world […]

Google to acquire HTC and might declare the merger by this weekend

Google is all set to acquire HTC by this weekend for $1.6 billion and is said to make an official announcement by tomorrow. And as a first step to complete the deal, HTC is said to have suspended trading of its stock on the TWSE from September 21st, 2017. But the mobile manufacturer is yet […]

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