QNAP NAS devices are vulnerable to ransomware attacks

A critical vulnerability on QNAP NAS devices was recently patched by the Taiwanese firm. But the issue is that thousands of devices, say 59,000 in number, are yet to receive the update or have to be updated by the admins to avoid hackers from exploiting the SQL Injection Vulnerability. To those new to QNAP, the […]

QNAP storage devices again hit by Deadbolt Ransomware

QNAP, a Taiwan-based company that offers data storage appliances, is back in news to become a target to Deadbolt ransomware again. Reports are in that the said file encrypting malware infected several NAS devices supplied by the hardware vendor, locking down access to users to stored information. The security team of QNAP has reacted to […]

QNAP data storage devices hit by a massive ransomware campaign

To all those who are using QNAP storage devices for backup or file sharing purposes, here’s an alert that needs your attention. From the past few days, a ransomware dubbed as Qlocker has been targeting the said NAS devices on a network and blocking their access to users. It is learnt that the massive file […]

New Ransomware hits NAS Backup Drives

All those who are storing their backup data on NAS Drives here’s a news piece that could trigger a thought of the day in your mind. Researchers from Kaspersky have discovered that a new kind of ransomware is seen infecting NAS drives where companies and individuals usually store their backup data. Russia based Kaspersky’s Q3 […]

Trending news headlines on Google related to Cyber Attacks

1.) Bellingcat, an investigative journalism website which offers open-source intelligence and fact-finding tools has revealed that a recent cyberattack on its database has been sourced to Russian intelligence. Eliot Higgins, who happens to be the founder of the British based Bellingcat website said on last Friday that Russia backed hackers have been consistently trying to […]

New eCh0raix Ransomware encrypts NAS devices

A new Ransomware named ‘eCh0raix’ is reported to be infecting Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices which are generally used to store backups and critical data. The said malware alleged to be targeting the NAS devices via brute forcing attacks where weak credentials are exploited by hackers to infiltrate into database networks. Currently, reports are in […]

StorageCrypt Ransomware infects NAS Devices!

A new ransomware named StorageCrypt is on the prowl and is said to be infecting Networked Attached Storage (NAS) devices such as the Western Digital My Cloud. Victims have been reporting that the files stored on their NAS devices have been encrypted and a ransom note demands anything between 0.4 to 2 BTC to reverse […]

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