Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) The Department of Justice of South Africa suffered a ransomware attack on September 6th,2021 and news is out that the government’s purposed legal cell hasn’t recovered its data from the attack yet. Therefore, the malware attack has resulted in the blockage of email and website services to employees and to the public even today- […]

Interesting as Cyber Attack victim sues hackers parents

In January 2018, a man named Andrew Schober was busy moving $800k worth currency in Bitcoins from one virtual wallet to other. However, he failed in doing so, as some hackers tried to intercept the transaction and somehow diverted the funds to their personal wallets. Andrew contacted the wallet companies to track down the culprits, […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

FBI has issued a fresh alert against the activities being carried out by a newly detected ransomware group dubbed OnePercent. The law enforcement agency says that the threat actors have been targeting companies since Nov’2020 by using the emulation software of Cobalt Strike. In the latest discovery made by FBI, security analysts found that the […]

Data breach news trending on Google Search Engine

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) has hit the news headlines for becoming a victim of a cyber attack that led to data breach of over 57,900 claimant accounts seeking unemployment benefits. Highly placed sources say that the security breach was related to Reemployment Assistance Claims and Benefits Information System aka CONNECT, where hackers reportedly […]

China blamed for Ransomware attacks on Microsoft Exchange Servers

United States, NATO Member Countries and European Union has issued a joint statement early today accusing China for the ransomware attacks that targeted Microsoft Exchange Servers across the world and crippling computer networks of several companies. Point to be noted over here that this is for the first time that all the renowned countries of […]

Cyber Attack news trending on Google

First, a gaming company named Electronic Arts is trending on Google news headlines for becoming a victim of a cyberattack that leaked source codes and tools belonging to several of its popular games such as FIFA 21, Battlefield, Frostbite Engine, and Battle Tanks. Sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders say that the hackers managed to […]

More than 26m user passwords stolen from Amazon, Apple, and Facebook

A hacking malware distributed onto 3.25 million computers is said to have led to the harvesting of more than 26 million user credentials related to Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.    According to research carried out by a Cybersecurity firm named NordLocker, a hacking group devised malware and distributed it onto millions of PCs in 2018. […]

Ransomware attack cuts down food supply chain for Albert Heijn supermarket

Netherlands-based supermarket chain Albert Heijn is facing a shortage of food supply because of a ransomware disruption that took place on its third party logistics provider Bakker Logistiek. The company says that the halt down in its supply chain might impact the supply of food materials such as packaged cheese to its customers. But trade […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

Allergy Partners, that offers high end healthcare services to patients infected with asthma and allergic diseases, has fallen prey to ransomware attack that is being investigated by FBI. Highly placed sources say that the cyber incident took place on February 23rd,2021 and the hackers are demanding $1.75 million as ransom to free up the database […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

Epicor that offers business software to companies operating worldwide has disclosed that it became a victim to a ransomware attack at the end of last month. And the infiltration is suspected to have been done by a well-known ransomware gang. A source from cloud solutions provider Epicor did not confirm the ransomware incident, but insisted […]

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