Ransomware attack cuts down food supply chain for Albert Heijn supermarket

Netherlands-based supermarket chain Albert Heijn is facing a shortage of food supply because of a ransomware disruption that took place on its third party logistics provider Bakker Logistiek. The company says that the halt down in its supply chain might impact the supply of food materials such as packaged cheese to its customers. But trade […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

Allergy Partners, that offers high end healthcare services to patients infected with asthma and allergic diseases, has fallen prey to ransomware attack that is being investigated by FBI. Highly placed sources say that the cyber incident took place on February 23rd,2021 and the hackers are demanding $1.75 million as ransom to free up the database […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

Epicor that offers business software to companies operating worldwide has disclosed that it became a victim to a ransomware attack at the end of last month. And the infiltration is suspected to have been done by a well-known ransomware gang. A source from cloud solutions provider Epicor did not confirm the ransomware incident, but insisted […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Luminate Education Group (LEG) based in Leeds experienced a cyber attack on August 11, 2020 resulting in severe disruption to the digital operations of the educational institute. And the incident is said to have delayed the announcement of students A-Level and GCSE results. And the impacted colleges include Leeds City College, Harrogate College, Keighley College, […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

The first and the foremost ransomware news trending on Google is related to Russian hackers targeting work from employees of some multinational firms- including Fortune 500 Companies.   According to a research carried out by Cybersecurity firm Symantec, a noted hacking group from Russia dubbed ‘Evil Corp’ was seen targeting employees working from home and […]

Microsoft to lay off journalists and use AI for MSN news stories

Microsoft has decided to lay off its journalist employees and instead rely on the technology of Artificial Intelligence to generate news stories which can be published in the homepages of Edge Browser and MSN website.   The decision of replacing its journos with robotic tech was expected since Jan this year and might have been […]

Ransomware news trending for the day

INTERPOL, a globally recognized crime-fighting agency has teamed up with Cybersecurity firm to declare the WannaCry 3rd anniversary as the ‘Anti-Ransomware Day’. On May 12th, 2017, hackers suspected to be from North Korea launched a ransomware attack on the hospital networks of NHS and across the world disrupting operations of more than 300,000 computers worldwide. […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

The first news which is trending on Google and related to Ransomware is about Robbinhood malware which can disable all security settings on Windows 7,8 and 10 machines. Security researchers from Sophos have discovered that a flaw in Gigabyte’s motherboards is allowing hackers to induce Robbinhood ransomware into the Windows Computers after which the file-encrypting […]

Google trending Cyber Attack news headlines

Greenville Water Utility of South Carolina reportedly became a recent victim of a cyber attack where hackers were either trying to lock down the database through malware or were interested in transmitting the data and then selling the info on the dark web. Spokeswoman Emerald Clark said that the disruption could have impacted over 500,000 […]

Cyber attack headlines trending on Google

Finally what we did not expect is happening as a British court has ordered Bitfinex to freeze a Bitcoins payments as it was leading to the wallets of those distributing ransomware.   Yes, you have read it right! As most of the cryptocurrency variants can easily be tracked now, an England and Wales High Court […]

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