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AT&T Acknowledges Data Breach AT&T, one of America’s leading telecom brands, has confessed to a significant data breach, revealing that sensitive information pertaining to millions of customers has been leaked onto the dark web. This breach has raised concerns about potential identity theft and other cyber-crimes among affected customers, prompting the company to take swift […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

Hamilton city announces emergency after ransomware attack It seems like there’s a surge in ransomware attacks lately, affecting various sectors from municipal services to healthcare and even international politics. The situation in Hamilton City sounds quite serious, especially with essential services like phone lines and public transportation being disrupted since February 26,2024. Mayor Andrea Horwath’s […]

Top Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

A ransomware assault targeting the Office of Colorado State Public Defender (CSPD) has compelled the IT personnel to shut down the entire computer network as a precautionary measure to contain the malware’s spread. Consequently, only critical response infrastructure and court systems remain operational, leading to expected delays in court proceedings. In a public statement, James […]

Ransomware attack news trending on Google

Schneider Electric, a French-based company specializing in automation and energy management, recently fell victim to a Cactus Ransomware attack, resulting in the unauthorized access and theft of corporate data. The breach targeted Schneider Electric’s Electric Resource Advisor Cloud Platform, leading to the compromise of terabytes of sensitive information. This particular strain of ransomware, known as […]

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Microsoft revealed on Friday that its corporate email servers were breached by the hacking group Midnight Blizzard, which is believed to be funded by the Russian-sponsored online crime group Nobelium. The cyberattack, which occurred on January 12th, targeted customer data and information belonging to Seattle-based staff. Evidence suggests that the data theft was likely planned […]

Top 8 Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

1.) The ALPHV ransomware gang’s website, which provides information leaks and negotiation details, has been inaccessible for several hours. Telegram sources suggest that law enforcement linked to Euro-pol may have taken down the blog, which is only accessible through TOR. The BlackCat Ransomware service website has also been down for the past 48 hours, and […]

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Apple dismisses political controversy over its security alert Apple Inc has released a statement acknowledging attempts by state-sponsored actors to breach the devices of its users in various countries, including India. However, the company distanced itself from the ongoing espionage controversy within Indian politics, where the Opposition Congress has alleged that the ruling BJP government […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

1.) A ransomware group known as “Play” has recently issued a concerning statement. They have threatened to release the personal details of more than 8,600 Dallas County employees on the dark web unless their ransom demands are met. To add weight to their threat, the hackers have shared several screenshots that display personal information belonging […]

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LockBit Ransomware Demands $80 Million from CDW Technology Giant Sirius Federal servers of the CDW technology service provider have fallen victim to the LockBit ransomware, which has left them in a digital stranglehold. In a bold move, the cybercriminals are demanding a hefty sum of $80 million to liberate the compromised systems from the clutches […]

Cybersecurity news headlines trending on Google

The Navy Exchange Service‘s sale of Lenovo laptops at steep discounts and duty-free rates has raised concerns among U.S. lawmakers due to the manufacturer’s ties to the People’s Republic of China. There are apprehensions that these laptops could potentially contain pre-installed malware aimed at spying on users in Western countries. While currently, this is only […]

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