Nuclear Weapons

North Korea’s dangerous weapon is Cyber Attacks and not Nukes

As US President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong UN in Hanoi, Vietnam this week, the world expected a peace between the two leaders. Though all seems to be well as of now, they are high-level chances that things might turn bitter after a few days of the meeting. Remember, this was the […]

Trump asks Pentagon for Nuclear Attacks in retaliation for Cyber Attacks!

Nations like North Korea, Russia, and China should from now on think twice before launching a cyber attack on the critical infrastructure of United States. The reason, Donald Trump’s government is reviewing a proposal of Department of Defense which says “Nuclear Attack in retaliation for a Cyber Attack”. Yes, this is what is being proposed […]

Most of the Global Industrial IT Systems are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

Security firms IOActive and Embedi released a report yesterday (January 11, 2017) which says that most of the Industrial IT Systems operated across the world and using Industrial Control Systems(ICS) technology are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. Researchers from Embedi, a cybersecurity startup say that more than 147 cybersecurity vulnerabilities were found in 34 mobile applications […]

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