China accuses India of launching Cyber Attacks on Pakistan

For the first time in history, China has openly criticized India for launching cyber attacks on Pakistan’s critical infrastructure using a Chinese code name. It also accused the Indian Subcontinent of terrorizing cyberspace by weaponizing IT for some objectives. India has counter-attacked its neighbor, saying it was falsely attempting to malign the image of the […]

Pakistan malware mutates into more nefarious variant

Like how the 2019 developed Corona Virus threat mutated into the latest Delta variant, a malware that was developed by hackers from Pakistan has reportedly mutated into a new nefarious variant, say experts. Security researchers from Black Lotus Labs, a business unit of US Telecom firm Lumen Technologies has discovered that a malware that was […]

Almost all Banks in Pakistan become victim to Cyber Attack

The banking system in Pakistan took a nasty hit this week when an analysis made by Pakistan Computer Emergency Response Team aka Pak CERT revealed that data of more than 19,961 cards belonging to the customers of over 22 major banks in Pakistan were put on for sale on the dark web. According to the […]

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