British Watchdog to slap £1.25 Billion penalty on Facebook for recent Cyber Attack

Last weekend turned into a nightmare for Facebook users as their favorite social media platform officially disclosed that a cyber attack on its database could have leaked sensitive info of over 50 million users to hackers. As the investigation is still going on, the exact number of compromised accounts remains unclear and might be revealed […]

EU penalizes Google with $5 billion fine for monopolizing its Android Software

We all know that Google offers some of its default apps on its Android smartphones which include its Chrome search browser, Youtube, and Gmail. But the European Union (EU) has slapped an anti-trust penalty of $5 billion on Google for indulging in such practices which is almost equivalent to a yearly budget contributed by the […]

Mobile Security breach makes Healthcare provider shell out $2.5 million penalty!

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has directed Pennsylvania-based wireless health services provider CardioNet to pay $2.5 million penalties for being negligent towards protecting patient data. Thus, the penalty of OCR- HIPAA Settlement’s happens to be the first of its kind in the history of wireless health service providers. On heading further into details, CardioNet […]

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