Pig Butchering

Details on Interpol seizing $130m from cyber criminals and details on Pig Butchering

INTERPOL has announced that its cyber operation codenamed “Haechi III” has turned into an immense success as the law enforcement agency seized $130,000,000 worth money and virtual assets from cyber criminals and money laundering scams and succeeded in arresting over 1000 of suspects. According to a press update released by the ‘International Crime Police Organization’, […]

FBI issues warning on “Pig Butchering”

FBI has issued a warning for crypto investors to be vigilant about Pig Butchering. To those who know little about the term in Cryptocurrency investment, here’s a gist of it. It is nothing but winning the trust of investors and somehow pressurizing them to deposit more and more into wallets and websites that are eventually […]

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