Google to offer Titan Security into its Mobile Chips

To all users who aim to buy a Google Pixel 3 phone in near future, here comes happy news from the Web Search Giant ‘Google’. The Mountain View Company has announced yesterday at the hardware reveal event that all its Pixel phones coming in future will have the potential to integrate Titan Security into the […]

Google to acquire HTC and might declare the merger by this weekend

Google is all set to acquire HTC by this weekend for $1.6 billion and is said to make an official announcement by tomorrow. And as a first step to complete the deal, HTC is said to have suspended trading of its stock on the TWSE from September 21st, 2017. But the mobile manufacturer is yet […]

New Google Android Oreo OS is enriched with utmost Mobile Security features!

Google has given a taste of its new mobile operating system called Android Oreo to the world early this week and has promised that it will be offered with improved mobile security features. The internet giant has also promised that its new Android 8.0 OS will improve battery life of the phones onto which it […]

Mobile Security features on Google Pixel and Nexus phones are exceptional!

Google which released a recent report related to the security feature of all its Android versions has made it official that all those who using Google Pixel and Nexus phones will most likely get monthly security patches on a consistent note from now on. Therefore, users of these mobiles will continue to avail the best […]

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