Ransomware news trending on Google

1.) A ransomware group known as “Play” has recently issued a concerning statement. They have threatened to release the personal details of more than 8,600 Dallas County employees on the dark web unless their ransom demands are met. To add weight to their threat, the hackers have shared several screenshots that display personal information belonging […]

Google offers a review of its Android Mobile Security

Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary Google has offered a review of its Android Security report for the year 2018 in which it stated that only 0.08% of devices that used Google Play as a downloading platform exclusively were affected by Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs). The Android security report also states that out of those devices which installed […]

Google perks up Android Mobile Security with Google Play Protect

Google which offers Android based mobile operating systems to smart phone manufacturers is now offering a new security service in & to its Play Store users. The internet Juggernaut from now on will offer a mobile security system that protects apps on user’s smart phone and on those on its Google Play Store. Google Play […]

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