SSD with in-built ransomware prevention capabilities

Can you imagine Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid-State Disks (SSD) being immune to ransomware attacks? Well, a company named Cigent says so! It claims to have produced the first SSD with built-in ransomware protection, thus saving users from having their information stolen and encrypted with malware. The Cigent Secure SSD+ has a built-in processor […]

9 Ways to Prevent Third-Party Data Breaches

This post was originally published by Abi Tyas Tunggal. The increasing number of third-party data breaches and the sensitive information they expose have negatively impacted consumer trust. Third-party breaches occur when sensitive data is stolen from a third-party vendor or when their systems are used to access and steal sensitive information stored on your systems. […]

What is a supply chain attack (and how to prevent it)

This post was originally published by Edward Kost. In December 2020, the U.S government announced that it fell victim to what is believed to be the largest security breach in the nation’s history. The breach occurred through an innocuous IT update from the Government’s network monitoring vendor, SolarWinds. This monumental breach exposes a novel and powerful […]

Prevent a Pfizer-like PII Data Breach in Google Cloud

This post was originally published by amol sarwate In the long saga of systemic PII data breaches, Pfizer is the latest victim. Personally identifiable information, or PII, is any data that could potentially identify a particular person. Examples of PII information include a full name, address, identifiers like driver’s license numbers, bank account numbers, or email […]

Tips to prevent Cyber Attack risks

Education and awareness is key- Often we found that hackers induced viruses by exploiting vulnerabilities that are caused by human errors and negligence. Therefore, it is better if the company heads like CIOs and CTOs educate themselves about the latest risks and threats existing in the current cyber landscape and create awareness about the same […]

This is how Ransomware can infect a business

All these days we have reported about companies that are or have been targeted by ransomware and some remedies to isolate a company’s digital infrastructure from getting infected by the file-encrypting malware.   In this article let’s discuss some common ways on how ransomware can infect an organization irrespective of its size and the business […]

Ransomware attacks can be blocked with these firewall best practices

As ransomware attacks are hitting the news headlines, CIOs and CTOs are in a lookout for a permanent solution to curb such attacks on their IT infrastructure respectively. So, security analysts are suggesting the following firewall best practices to prevent file-encrypting malware attacks from infiltrating a network laterally. And they are as follows-   Cut […]

Proactive measures to prevent ransomware attacks

As Baltimore is suffering from a ransomware attack since the past two weeks, security analysts are busy finding out ways in preventing ransomware attacks on public and private networks. So, if you are a company CEO or CTO then Cybersecurity Insiders recommends you these proactive measures which can help prevent your company from ransomware attacks. […]

How to survive a Ransomware attack

Ransomware attack has become a nightmare to most of the companies these days. And a survey conducted by IDC has proved that most of the CIOs or CTOs leading organizations do not know on how to deal with the situation when ransomware authors target their company’s database. In this article, we will discuss on a […]

Ways to prevent cyber attacks on your company

Cyber Attacks on businesses seems to be inevitable- at least with the prevailing situation in the cyber landscape. But security analysts say that to a large extent most of these attacks are avoidable if companies chose to follow the below-specified steps crafted specifically to protect their enterprises against cyber attacks. 1.) The first and foremost […]

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